should I keep my orange Hermes click clack bracelet or return and buy blue nuit zcp?

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  1. Now keep in mind I already have 2 wallets which are less then a year old. I have the black mc zcp which is 7 months old and a rose pop sarah which is about a month old. So I dont really need another one I just really love the color. On the other hand this bracelet is the only item I have from Hermes and I am in need of more good jewlry. I mostly just have tiffanys and diamonds. Oh I forgot to say its the orange click clack bracelet. please give me your honest opinion. thanks!
  2. Keep the Hermes! I have a couple and love them.
  3. keep the bracelet
  4. keep it...start saving for zcp.
  5. omg! if it's your first hermes piece, then definitely treasure it! just save up for the zcp in bleu nuit. it wouldn't hurt to have three wallets.... XD
  6. Keep the bracelet & save for the zcp.
  7. Def keept the bracelet. Sounds like it suits your needs better!
  8. Unfortunately, Hermès does not give refunds, only merchandise credits; you would end up spending the money at Hermès anyways. But even if refunds were granted, I would still keep the bracelet.
  9. I'm not a click clack fan -- I'd exchange it for something else at Hermes.
  10. keep the hermes !!
  11. ummm, its hermes... enough said
  12. It is costume jewelry, Hermes or not. If you like it than keep it. If you need a wallet than return it. If you have 2 nearly new wallets than there is no need. Hermes only exchanges.
  13. What does the bracelet look like?
  14. keep the bracelet
  15. It's called "clic-clac". You'll only be getting Hermes credit. Either you keep it or you exchange with something else from Hermes. If you want the zcp, save up.