Should I keep my new Suhali white Le Confidant? lotsa questions - modeling pics

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  1. okay, so I've got a bunch of pics to show, be warned. no surprise guess "what's in the box" strip show stuff, jumping directly to the modeling pics. :p

    forgive the blue sticky sheets, I got it last week (@ Vegas for xmas!) and only got a chance to take pics after my vacation was over. Still trying to decide whether I want to keep it or not...Please take a look at the pics and let me know if you think the bottom width of the bag is too much on my frame (I'm bordering petit at 5'4").
    I was going in to purchase the Suhali l'epanoui pm (no more GM :sad:) but there was just the sienne color and I really wanted a white or black one. I've asked the SA at the Vegas and SF stores and there are only a handful of single l'epanoui pm at various stores which the SA said were probably displays that are not going to be in
    perfect condition. bummer!

    I have quite a bit of store credit that I have to use up by late summer before it vanishes into LV ether (btw, how can they take your money and keep it if you don't use it within 1 yr! That is just so unfair, what if I didn't like anything in this season/year but end up liking something else later, my money is gone!). DH has been pushing me to use it up and he's asked me to go into LV at every chance possible. So the SA showed me Le
    Confidant and DH was like, get it get it. LOL.

    I've been wanting an azur soufflot forever but of course, LV doesn't make it (yet)! I tried on the black epi soufflot but the leather handles just felt very hard. btw, I'm a shoulder bag kinda gal.

    So, what do you think? To me this style of bag should be a bit smaller so that it looks lady-like and dainty, but on me, it kinda looks bulky, doesn't it? And I'm wearing winter coats/scarfs in these pics! Does this purse look good w/ black outfits as well as white? I wore both color coats so I can get a good visual. Some of the pics, the purse looks nice on me (not too big) but others pics it looks bulky and big...I don't know.

    I'm torn between returning it and seeing what may be coming out in the late summer for the suhali/epi/azur lines that I may like more or just keeping this one (and using up the credit I have in the store already). I saw some of the photos from the upcoming season; as colorful/playful as those bags are, I'm gonna pass on those. Any helpful suggestions?

    Oh btw, for those who have suhali (esp. in white), how likely does color clothing/furnishings rub off onto the white leather? Should I worry about that or is it pretty much as carefree as epi ivorie? For those who have Le Confidant, does your bag tend to tip forward b/c of the front pocket and handles that seem to be placed a bit
    further back? When I first picked up Le Conf by the handle, it looked/felt like it was tipping forward and that's with nothing in it!

    _D2X1071sm.jpg _D2X1072sm.jpg _D2X1073sm.jpg _D2X1074sm.jpg _D2X1075sm.jpg
  2. more pics
    _D2X1076sm.jpg _D2X1081sm.jpg _D2X1083sm.jpg _D2X1085sm.jpg _D2X1086sm.jpg
  3. I think it looks great on you! But, that being said, if you don't love it, then I would exchange it for something you will love. It's pricey for something your not crazy about.
  4. last set of pics
    _D2X1089sm.jpg _D2X1091sm.jpg _D2X1092sm.jpg _D2X1093sm.jpg _D2X1094sm.jpg
  5. Yes!! I love it and think it looks great on you, especially with the black coat. It's a great bag and not many people have it, but if you don't love it wait for somethign else!
  6. Actually your bag looks great on you :nuts:
  7. The bag looks FABULOUS on you, but don't keep it if you don't love it!
  8. I considered that bag, but didn't care how it looked on me ... but WOW! It looks great on you, so classy and chic ... keep it!
  9. The bag looks great on you, but I agree with the others. Only keep the bag if you love it, I would go back and look some more!
  10. Congratulations! The bag looks terrific on you in all your poses! You can't go wrong with anything from the Suhali line --- so classy and elegant at the same time! However, if this bag isn't calling out your name loud and clear, you may want to wait for something else that does. Perhaps wait for the new lookbook and check out the new non-runway bags coming out??

    As for clothing rubbing off on the white leather --- don't know that yet. I just got my white Le Fab last week and haven't had a chance to use her yet, but it seems to me that this won't be a problem. Just keep baby wipes handy. lol Good luck!!
  11. I don't like the bag when I saw it in the boutique, but surprisingly it looks real good on you.

    Is the ergonomics of the bag weird? You said it tips over?
  12. That is a beautiful bag, but I bet it looks bulky without your coat on. Something about the strap is odd to me. It seems to have a lot of stuff going on with the strap. I love the buckle on the front of the bag!!

    Have you considered the BeverlyMM? I think that is a very classy bag. You could use the extra money to get a Eugine wallet to match and possibly a bandeau to dress it up. Those will be my next purchases!!!:girlsigh:
  13. I think it looks great on you...not too big at all!!! :tup: I'm not a fan of white bags personally, just because of my own clumsiness but if you like it you should definitely keep it because it's beautiful.

    Also, you said the straps of the soufflot felt hard? They soften with wear and are very comfortable, IMO.
  14. OMG, that bag is SO Georgous (sp). And it looks just amazing on you I would NOT return it! Now why do I have to see a beautiful $2,200.00 purse when I need to be on a BAN!

    Thanks for sharing
  15. personally, I agree with you that the width is a little too width. I would say wait to see the new stuff.
    good luck