Should I keep my new Dior sunglasses?

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  1. These were a complete impulse buy. I left home without sunglasses and the sun was super bright. I found these at the Costco Optical Center for $103! These are totally different from my usually Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade sunglasses. I love the heart and rose on the side. Does this style work for me?

    P.S. Sorry if the pics are big and if this is posted in the wrong spot. Also, please ignore the lack of make-up and messy hair. It's early here!:nuts:

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  2. i like them on you. keep them
  3. You can never have enough sunglasses. Keep them I say!
  4. I really like the detailing on the sides of the shades. I even tried these on myself at Nordstrom Rack yesterday!
  5. i like them!!
  6. i love them on u!:tup:
  7. Thank you all! Yea, I'm going to keep them! :tender:
  8. I love the sides.. keep them, what is one more pair, you can never have enough.
  9. I like them!
  10. Glad you're keeping them, they look great on you!! Costco has some really nice sunnies sometimes!
  11. I think they look great on you! It's a keeper!