Should I keep my MJ or sell it?

  1. Ugh..I have this dilemma. I purchased this lovely MJ hobo some months ago, maybe even half a year ago but I still haven't used it, and it's not because I don't like it, because I really do! I'm just not sure that I will wear it in the future.

    I mostly like to see it with my other purses I guess.

    So now I've been thinking about selling it..also because I need money atm. But I know I would make it without selling it, i'm just not sure what to do..any suggestions, girlies?
  2. Hi Bay-

    Tough one.

    I think bags are best when they are used, so I'm not sure if your not taking it out of the closet means you dont like it THAT much. If so, I would say replace it with a bag you do love and use or use the money on other things.

    If you love the bag it is okay to keep it IMO but get it out of the closet and use it!!:choochoo:
  3. That's a good thought! :tup:
    I think I'm gonna try to sell it, and if I cant get the price I think it deseves I'm just going to keep it. How does that sound?
  4. Sell it and buy something you absolutely love!!:love::p:heart:
  5. Sell it. I don't think your other bags will mind! :party:
  6. I say sell it too. If you are not using it, it is worth more money to you sold than it is sitting in your closet. Also, this will help you evaulate the bags you HAVE to have over the ones that you just think are cute. I had to learn this lesson quite a few times...:shame:
  7. Okay ladies, I've decided to put it out in the end of the week because I need to buy a new battery charger for my camera first.

    I think it's the right think to do but oh boy, is she a beauty or what!
  8. You should keep it. Marc Jacobs bags are beautiful, once you start using your bag you will love it even more.