Should I keep my Michael Kors Astor?


Mar 1, 2006
I bought a Michael Kors Jeweled Astor Satchel in Antique Gold (or bronze?) for $149 (reg is $348). Should I keep it? Is the metallic trend too cheap?
I believe my satchel is smaller than the one in he pic, with rhinestones (orange) instead of studs.
I think you got a really great deal on an Astor bag. Personally, I've never fell into the metallic trend, but if you like it, and can incorporate the bag into your wardrobe, you should keep it. If you have doubts at all, you should definitely consider taking it back. I'm sorry that my response wasn't more definitive.
I like the design of the Michael Kors Astor satchel. As for the color, I like metallics but would not pay a fortune for a metallic bag. So the price you bought it for is fair, I think the metallics will still be in for spring/summer. At least, you will still get some use out of it ... neutral clothing is in for spring/summer and your bag would be the perfect accent.
passerby said:
Nansie, congrats on getting a good-looking bag, and at a great price. What's the workmanship like?

PS Keep the bag :biggrin:

Thanks everyone for your helpful responses! As for the workmanship... though it's 'metallic', the leather is surprisingly thick, soft and supple. Stores a lot more than I can fit: full size wallet, sunglasses case, glasses case, cell phone, makeup bag, large agenda and magazine! It's flashy, I know and overindulgent but fun!
Thanks, nansie. I live overseas and so do my bag shopping vicariously - I have read reviews on ebags & zappos (not many but still ...), and the consensus about M Kors bags is that their quality is excellent.