Should I keep my Lily?

  1. Hi Ladies - I was wondering if any of you long time Lily carriers could help me. I purchased the Black Lily about a month ago and I just took her out for the first time. I don't mind the size at all (I have the large one) and I didn't over stuff it either.... but this bag seems to be alittle too heavy. And what's shocking is that I've never been afraid to carry a heavy bag. (I use to carry the MJ Stam and the Chloe paddington and those 2 were heavy) I actually weighed it!! It's 7lbs with my stuff in it. I've heard that your bag should not be more than 10% of your body weight and this one full is less than 5% (yeah I know I'm crazy) I just LOVE the look of it, and I love that I have a bag with room to spare. But it does feel heavy. Did any of you feel this way? And if so, did you get use to it? Should I return it? Please help me decide. (PS - I'd rather not trade this in for the mini because the mini can't go over the shoulder and I need my bag to go on my shoulder.)
  2. If the bag isn't what you want, definitely return it. Is there a different bag that has caught your eye? My thought is that if you don't love the bag, you're not likely to use it frequently and it's probably not worth keeping. Good luck with your decision! :yes:
  3. If you haven't used her and you are questioning it, then take her back.

    However, if it were me and you can afford to let her sit in your closet for awhile in case you change your mind. The Lily is such as special bag! OR have you thought about the medium in Black that is still available for order right now?

  4. Well.....that's my problem....I LOVE this bag. I really don't want to give it up, but I don't want to dislocate my shoulder either. What to do????

  5. I heard that the medium can't be worn over the shoulder. I really need for it to go on the shoulder. Plus, I do love the extra details on the XL. I'm just wondering if it's something that I'll get use to like I did with the MJ Stam and Paddington. But it's been a while since those bags came out of the closet (- wonder if that means something...hmmm....) BUT I LOVE LILY!!!
  6. Well, not to be stupid or insulting, but how big are you?
    My BF can likely wear it on her shoulder, and TinksDelite added a pic to the forum where she was wearing it on her shoulder, but I couldn't likely do that PARTICULARLY if I have on a winter coat.

    BTW- did you look at the posting about a Heritage "Lily"

  7. I'm 5'2" and 135lbs. I guess the medium would fit over my shoulder if I wasn't wearing a coat, but I don't think it would go over a winter coat comfortably. I travel to clients a lot and I carry a computer and files, that's why the hand helds don't really work for me. And yes I did see the post about the heritage, and it's really nice! But like I said, I really love the look of the XL Lily. I guess I have to think about this.
  8. I personally would want a bag that fits over the shoulder and is also comfortable too.

    If the Lilly is too heavy for you and that would prevent you from carrying it as often as you want to, I would return it.

    Try on some other bags and find one that feels light enough to carry.
  9. I had this same problem. I have the XL in whiskey but it was so overwhelming that I just purchased the medium Lily in black. And I love big bags. The medium is much more manageable, still has plenty of room, and I actually can wear mine quite comfortably over my shoulder. I"m 5'8 and have no problems carrying her that way, but this is without a winter coat.
  10. I'm in the same predicament with my Lily XL, I'm not sure I want to keep her b/c she just seems so darn big. I want to see a medium lily in person before I choose that route. I'd say hang on to your XL, and when the mediums hit the store, go try it on and see how it feels.
  11. If you've used it, you can't return it. It looks like you'll have to grow to love the lilly, unless you can sell it to someone else.
  12. Thanks everyone. I haven't "used" the bag yet other than putting my stuff in and weighing it LOL. I have a feeling that I'll end up keeping her and using her for work. I usually take the essentials in a small pouch on the weekend or to places that where I know I'll be doing a lot of walking around eg shopping.
  13. 10% Really???

    That seems like a lot!!!
  14. I'm fighting this same battle with my mandy! I love it SOOO much but that girl can get heavy with all my stuff in it. It's such an amazing bag..I just wish her hardware were a bit lighter!