Should I Keep My Lily Xl Or Trade Her In?

  1. Ive Been Debating This Over The Last 3 Weeks. I Love Her, Just Would Prefer A Darker Chocolate Brown. Ive Heard The Medium Is Coming Out In Mahogony, Just Not Sure If I Want To Risk Losing My Xl If It Doesnt. And I Like The Details On The Xl More Than The Medium.... Grrrr I Dont Know What To Do I Hate Being Indecisive.
    lily bag.jpg lily bag2.jpg
  2. I think the XL looks great in Walnut! But, do you have any other lilies or plan to add any? If you have and XL, maybe wait for the medium lily. If you have a medium, keep the XL. Then you have variety.

    I think mahogany would be worth waiting for. So, if you are still unsure after 3 weeks, I vote for waiting for either the XL or medium in the dark brown you are wanting.
  3. I Had The Medium In Black, But I Absolutley Hate The Way The Legacy Leather Is In Black So I Exchanged It For My Blue Miranda.
  4. I exchanged my walnut Lily XL because I thought it looked too big on me. I'm getting a medium. If you wanted a richer brown (I dont blame you, i wasnt very fond of the walnut), i think it might be worth waiting for the medium. For the price of the XL, just make sure you LOVE it and will get a lot of use out of it.
  5. I agree with Rachelsea, for the amount that you paid for the XL Lily, I think you should be 110% in love with it. Don't just settle for a bag...make sure you really love it. :tup:
  6. Yeah I Know, I Love It, But I Still Want A Chocolate Brown. I Know With The Price I Paid I Could Get The Medium And Another Bag But I Kinda Feel By Doing That My Collection Would Be Incomplete Without The Original Lily.
  7. Glad you decided to keep her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!