Should I keep my Framboise Lexington??

  1. Hi everybody!!! I need some help from the experts!! I wanted to have a Lexington and went for the framboise as the SA told me that that color was discontinued. I really like it, but as it's a lot of money for a small bag, I'm not sure now what to do:confused1: I mean, I'm worried about getting bored w/ color or the color not being used anymore? What do you think? Do? Help!!! Please!! I'm so indecisive:sad: Thanks allllllllll:smile:
  2. First welocme to TPF! Love the lexington-but I am a fan of all the pochettes. I own the pomme and beige lex, and love them
  3. Thanks for the welcome and for your fast response!!! I'm so glad there's a forum like this!!! I'm also fan of the pochettes. My main doubt is about the color?:confused1: Thanks again for your ans.
  4. I would keep it! The style and color are so much fun!
  5. Hi all, and thanks again for your help and patience!! Now I wonder if I should exchange it for a Pomme or keep the framboise??? I love both colors and It would be too much of the same if I buy a Pomme in the future!! I really don't know what to do :confused1: :confused1: I need help!!!! Thanks alllll!!!!!
  6. I bet its beautiful!
    I would keep it.
  7. Well, I am more of a red girl but it depends what colour you prefer..
  8. I:heart: the framboise:love:
  9. its a nice bag! keep it.
  10. Hi! If it were up to me, I'd keep it coz I love the color.
    However, I would say it would all depend on what you want or what you need. :yes:

    If you do have a lot of other bags you can use, then I'd say keep it coz the color's great! You can use it for some casual outings but it's really more of an evening bag. But if it's just one of a few others and it's a bag you can't use for everyday, then do exchange it for another one. That way, you get more value for your money!

    Good luck, girl and do tell us what you decide!! :heart: