Should I keep my first???

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  1. Hi Ladies, I have been swooning over all your posessions for months and I finally got a chance to get my first Lobies (Nude Satin Very Croise 140) this past week at the sale. :yahoo:

    This whole week I have been so excided to share with you but now my bubble burst. When I saw my shoes I wanted to cry :crybaby: There is so much glue excess and oopsies I question the authenticity. I posted in that thread.

    In addition to that they look quite dirty. The leather around the shoes is dark (under the strap is light) the satin has 2 threads coming out, pen marks, darkening, the back and front shiny plastic area has rubbed off. :shucks: The bottoms are not bad (other than the whiteness on the engraving) but everything else is pretty dirty.

    I know I can't expect much from outnet since I got it at 50% off but I still spent almost $400 for these shoes and right now my marcianos look better :sad:

    If they're authentic I wouldn't mind the cleaning if you have any tips. I have no idea what to do and no one to turn to. Please advise... should I contact outnet and ask for a discount or a replacement (they don't have my size online)? should I try to clean (and how)? should I just return? :search:

    I so wanted this post to be an unveiling instead :shucks:

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  2. I'm sorry this happened to you! They are such beautiful shoes. I can't speak on the authenticity (although the Outnet is obviously a very trusted seller!) but it is not acceptable for them to come to you in this condition, regardless of the discount you got on them.

    I would contact the Outnet immediately by phone and email, send the pictures and ask what they can do. Perhaps they can send you another pair or give you a partial refund - or, failing that, you can send them back and get a full refund.

    I'm quite sure most of the marks can be cleaned off and the shoe will be practically good as new. Regardless, this isn't something you should have to do. Contact them ASAP.

    HTH :flowers:
  3. So sorry for what happened to you :hugs:
    I wouldn't keep these to be honest, from the pics these look really damaged. If you are going to clean them make sure it is done by professionals because satin is very delicate and you could damage it more. It is up to you if you really like them try to clean them up, if you don't love them that much just return them. I'm sure you will find another pair of CLs you will love.
  4. ellielily so so sorry the shoe was in such terrible condition! It probably was a return that they didn't check and relisted it!

    I would be contacting outnet and sending them pictures and see what they can do for you!

    Worse case, if you're stuck with the shoes... you could strass/glitter them?

    Good luck and let us know how it pans out!
  5. Ellie - i would contact outnet and email them the pictures , the shoes look obviously damaged. they are preety old stock and people probably have bought them and return many times :sad:
  6. I'm so sorry this happened to you, especially with your first pair of CLs!

    The condition of the shoes is not acceptable. I would send pictures and ask for a significant further price reduction. I am sure Outnet will agree to that. Then I would try to clean them or use them for a DIY project.

    Good luck!!!!
  7. Thank you so much for being there for me ladies! :hugs: I couldn't sleep until I got some feedback here

    I have just emailed them with the photos, we'll see what comes about-i read on this forum their cs may not be the best though. They have a lot of the shoes trickling back online (was sold out before) so others must have had this problem too! I will update on what they say.

    I think it might have been a floor model because everything except the bottom satin area is dirty lol


    Again, Thank you for giving me hope and a place to vent :hugs:
  8. I'd definitely dye them if you are stuck with them. In fact, I'd still keep them since they are such a gorgeous shoe! Good luck and keep us posted! :hugs:
  9. i would not settle being stuck with them if you are really unhappy. like others have said they are obviously damaged and whether they were on sale or not $400 is still a lot for shoes that you thought would be in better condition. if they're not responsive to e-mails call, your first pair of loubies should be a happy time! good luck!!
  10. I'm not sure I'd keep these at any price. If those shoes were sold to you on eBay and arrived in that condition they'd be SNAD.

    Here's my advice:
    - decide if you're happy enough to keep them no matter the discount
    - if so: negotiate a discount
    - if not: return

    The fact that they are (a) Louboutins and (b) reduced, is not enough justification to keep something you are unhappy with. For $400 you could score a great pair on eBay if you do your homeworlk. Good luck!!
  11. I'm sorry, but I would not keep these shoes in the condition they are in - especially not at this price.
  12. I would be devastated. And, I would return them. I am so sorry this happened.
  13. hugz!!! i'm sorry this did not work out but i hope you find the perfect pair soon!!!!
  14. IMO you need to send these back and call the outnet and give them a piece of your mind. This is NOT acceptable!! No matter how much you pay for shoes they should never be damaged - period.
  15. Aww! I'm so sorry this happened on your first pair. Hopefully Outnet will take care of it. :hugs::flowers: