Should I keep my first Chanel? new to me reissue 226 so black/metallic black circa 2008

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  1. Hi ladies!
    I'd love some second opinions... I've wanted a Chanel flap bag since my early university days, after learning a bit more about styles I discovered I'm only into the reissue in 225/226 size, distressed black, with either black HW or RHW. I said id only consider buying Chanel if i ever saw a size/colour combo on the resale market that I actually liked, for a decent price and condition.

    Well I managed to snag this metallic so black from fashionphile. I was and am really excited but while waiting for it to arrive I also started to over analyse it a bit - what if metallic is too fragile or blingy (not my preference), what if the so black hardware chips..
    Well it's here and all my worry points are non issues! The metallic is very subtle, there is very minimal wear on the the turn lock but nothing that bothers me. There is a little structure loss but that was as described and expected given the age. I am not the type to be turned off/picky about preloved bags.

    My concerns are that maybe it is still too expensive of a bag for me - I have actually spent more on new Celines in the past but not this much on pre loved (3k USD). I'm not in debt or anything and I'm a responsible spender but I guess it's just a mental hurdle I haven't crossed before.

    My other concern is that it was the first reissue I saw that fit my want list and I jumped on it. Perhaps i'd love the classic distressed leather in RHW more but there were none in boutiques near me to try.

    On the plus side, I love the size as it looks great over shoulder and cross body, goes great with my frame (on the petite side) and I think the so black colourway really suits my style. I am into minimalist, under the radar bags (I use a black Sofia Coppola LV Speedy almost daily and it's like... my spiritual essence in a bag!) And I think this Reissue could be as close as Chanel comes to that aesthetic. Also it made my heart excited when I both bought and received it which in a way is the most important :smile: but I wonder if non metallic leather would excite me even more.

    I'm still within the return window - thoughts on whether worth keeping?

    I'm having trouble uploading pics but here is the item link. I can try to upload mod shots later.
  2. If I was not 10000% sold on the bag from the moment I got it - if I had any doubts - I would return it. If you decide later on you want a different hardware/leather you may regret pulling the trigger on the first one you saw.

    I’ve never owned a So Black but there has been a lot of discussion about hardware chipping with them. Would you still love and use it if it ended up with chips? Would you want to send it off for repair?
  3. That's a really good point - I was aware of it but then sort of forgot about it as I got more concerned about the metallic leather peeling.
    The bag does seem like it's been properly used yet there's no chipping, just some rubbing on the turn lock which is not visible when locked so that doesn't bother me. Seems like if it were going to chip badly it would've by now so maybe this is a lucky piece without the chipping problem.

    I will definitely keep this in mind though as I consider - thanks!
  4. Hi. I bought a mini rectangular i black lambskin with shw. But I was very worried bec its lambskin so I exchanged it with the classic flap small in caviar with ghw. Its a nice bag, but I cant use it as crossbody. So now I am considering to exchange it with a boy bag. Anyone here who owns a classic flap amd exchange it with boy or the other way around. Also I feel bad returning/exchanging it for second time. Worried how the SA will react.
  5. hiya- i also got this bag back in 2008. I haven't had a single problem with chipping fwiw...think maybe it may be more of a problem with the newer versions
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  6. I think it's a stunning bag. You have great taste! Know that there are services that can fix the structure wear if you ever decide you want that. From what you describe, it sounds like you found a perfect bag for YOU. I can't weigh in about chipping hardware as I don't have a SO Black bag, but I would say that if you have nagging doubts about the bag -- return it.
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  7. Oh thanks for the feedback, that's extremely helpful! Is yours also Metallic leather? Curious to know what you think of the bag after 10+ years, great that it's still with you!

    I am leaning towards keeping it, I really want to use it but I'll be good and at least keep the tags on until the end of the return period haha
  8. Yep, mine is also metallic leather. It's beautiful but tbh, if i had to do it again, I'm not sure I'd get metallic. The metallic has worn on the corners and Chanel won't fix it. Also, i personally find metallic more appropriate for evening rather than during the day, so I get less wear out of the bag vs a more versatile, non-metallic.
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  9. I think you should keep it. It sounds like this bag excites you but just perhaps have sticker shock. Also, FASHIONPHILE will buy your bag back for 70% of what you bought it for as long as it’s within 6 months and its in decent condition. I think you have a Win Win situation. Enjoy your CHANEL!!! Just break the seal and wear it tomorrow
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  10. Oh interesting, I can't really tell how the metallic on mine is worn, which I think means either: there is not much wear, there is quite a lot of wear but maybe it's quite even, or the finish itself is subtle to begin with. I suspect a combo of the second and third.

    Either way, the fact that it's from 2008 and looks the way it does, means the metallic isn't likely to get substantially worse and bother me I think. I really appreciate the feedback!

    Ooh yes good point about the buyback! I think you're right that it's just sticker shock. I live outside the US but happen to be traveling now to California - was going to bring it with me so that I could return it in person if I decide I want to, but in the end I couldn't find a safe way to pack it and I'll be really near the end of the return period by the time I get back. So I think by default I have forced myself into keeping it ... Which is ok by me ;)
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  11. I had the accordion version of the same style (reissue,so black) and it was pretty much abused but no chipping or any problem. It’s a beautiful bag, enjoy!!
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  12. I think it's a very gorgeous and functional bag. I tend to over-think before I pull the trigger, but I don't once I do. In all honesty, how can you not reach for this piece all the time? LE is a little bit more special imo. :smile::smile::smile:
  13. Keep it, only if you love it and will WEAR it FEARLESSLY! Chanel is too expensive to have on display in your closet because you are concerned about wear/chipping hardware/peeling leather, etc,
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  14. Congrats!! It is stunning! It is one of my wish list bags, so I can't imagine returning it... but that being said, if it isn't "perfect" and you aren't 100% sure, don't settle (especially on a "dream" bag). Good luck! xoxo
  15. It's not the black hardware that you should worry about, but more the metallic finish. This is not aged calfskin that has a metallic color/sheen to it, but this '08 (and '07) finish is a foil-like sprayed on metallic that can wear off with use. Since it's black, it won't be really noticeable, unless you look for it. Was it a lighter color and the metallic rubs off, it will show dark spots underneath.
    That said, I really like this bag and have the same one with silver hardware. It's still very structured (a must for me) after years and years of frequent use and the metallic wore off only on the corners and a little bit on the back. It's hardly noticeable, because of the color and I think it still looks fantastic. Just want to warn you about the potential issues with this metallic.
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