Should I keep my Dr.Q Groovee?

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  1. I really love it and it's gorgeous. It's just so...large. I like the convienence of the strap and how easy it is to carry that way. I just wish it was not so long. I have my eye on the MBMJ Quinn tote. I know that's large too but it seems a little more structured. I'm afraid if I let Dr.Q go I will regret it though. I'm conlicted....does that mean I don't want the bag?

  2. Hmm, if I didnt have my "Q" anymore, I'd be very sad and would have to buy another one. More succinctly put, I would nto want to let go of this bag. IMO, it is a departure from marc's "younger-feeling" bags of yesterday. Its very sophisticated looking and the pleating adds to that sophistication. I dont know what color you have but all three are very chic...the brown is a beautiful brown luggage color, the dark brown is a very elegant espresso, and the burgundy is dark, deep, and mysterious. Great shape, great colors, great lining, and great little touches like the luggage tag.

    It would be hard to find another bag (Marc or not) like this one. IMO, its the best bang for your buck and I know how we all love getting that!

    PS: Not feeling the Quinn but it does come in some TDF colors
  3. I decided to keep it. I went to Bloomies and realized that I still wanted my Dr.Q!
  4. good choice! i love this bag. imo, it is the best mbmj bag yet. i love it more than my totally turnlock bowler. it looks so classy!