should I keep my diana flap?

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  1. #1 Apr 9, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2016
    hello ladies, now I'm in a dilemma and would like to know your thoughts - thanks in advance!!
    someone wants to buy my preloved black lambskin diana flap in pristine condition at a price of no loss for me
    but I keep reasoning with the following, not sure if I should let it go
    - I don't exactly need the funds now but it would be good to subsidize the chevron boy I just got :P
    - I also have black distressed calf reissue 225 ghw which I find I'd use more (less babying required)
    should not:
    - I won't/ wont be able to get the diana flap in such great condition and good price in the future
    - it's a special piece: its history and quality, lambskin, plated ghw... even if I'm not using it much at the moment, I feel I'll get more use with time
    - I prefer this style to CF, so it's like the CF for me

    argh I can't make up my mind! what do u think? many thanks for ur help!!
  2. Don't sell! Give it another year and see if you will use it more. If still not, then reassess at that point. Even if you decide to sell a year later, you probably still will be able to break even since chanel purses only seem to go up in market value (at least the Diane flap will I believe)
  3. Your keep list is more than your sell list so keep it
  4. if someone wants to buy it that means you already listed it? if you listed it you probably are willing to let it go, so take the sale and buy something you will use and not just like.
  5. I owned a diana flap too in ghw. And I want to sell it too but decided to keep it even if i don't use it more often. Imo the old chain is more better quality so keep it .
  6. Keep it!
  7. You may regret selling it. I'll admit my bias though as I love vintage Chanel. Keep it.
  8. Don't sell...I hear the hesitation in your voice! Have a great Sunday
  9. Don't sell, use it and show it off. It's one of the prettiest styles Chanel made. I have it in red and would never sell_ it's mine_ all mine!!
  10. I have one that my mother gave to me. She bought it in the 90' is in perfect condition and so beautiful. I would never sell it.
  11. thank you all!! I guess I'm gonna keep it after all :smile: I needed that extra push!
    I feel it's likely that I will search for it and buy it again after I sell it haha
    then the hunt will never end..
    for now my collection is complete!