Should I keep my Dark Blue navy metallic wallet with chain??

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  1. Today I have got 2 Chanel wallets from the Boutique,
    They are the dark silver metallic wallet without chain and the dark navy blue metallic wallet with chain.

    I love both of them, The dark silver wallet is so beautiful but the dark navy blue is pretty darker than I thought.

    So I thought I will get it first and make the decision later that I will keep it or not.
    Since the chain can go accross the body which I love, roomie for keeping the check book&cards ,including somebody told me that this color's very rare to find.

    I think I want to know you guy's opinions. Should I return it and find other colors or should I keep it?
    The price of the wallet with chain is 1,5xx$ including tax.

    I didn't take the picture yet,I can post it if anybody wants to see.


    Thank you so muchhhh.
  2. I'm posting the pictures of the Wallet with chain and the Dark silver wallet as the ladies asked me to.

    Enjoy :smile:


    Dark silver wallet without chain is smaller.


  3. Even though the navy might be hard to find, if you don't LOVE it, don't keep it. I adore the navy metallic and think the WoC would be a great bag for essentials, but it's all a matter of personal taste
  4. I actually have the wallet without the chain and I love it! It's big enough for all my cc's and more. Plus, it fits in all of my Chanel purses easily. After having said that, I just ordered my navy metallic WoC over the weekend and I expect to receive it today. The reason I got the WoC is because I love my wallet so much that I thought it would be nice to actually show it off (by wearing it on a chain). I personally think that you should keep them both. :p I'm sorry I can't help you pick just one but they are both functional in different ways.
  5. I think the navy metallic is beautiful this year, but again...if you don't love it, you won't use it and that's too much for a bag to sit in your closet. That $$ can go towards another bag.
  6. It pains me to say it but I agree with everyone else - I bought a DS WOC from SS '07 and ended up returning it. It really was beautiful and extremely functional but it just didn't work with my lifestyle. I'm looking for a regular reissue wallet right now!
  7. I love both colors in the WOC style. The metallic navy is great. I would keep it (you won't find it again once they sell out). I use my WOCs as evening bags.
  8. i :heart: both! if they are the same price, definitely keep the navy on chain. if they are not, keep the silver because how often will you just carry a wallet on chain? the silver wallet you can carry everyday with your fav handbag as well.
  9. The WOC looks fab on you. I would keep that one :smile:
  10. I think i won't since it's concern is the leather may fade as time goes by~
  11. I really love it!!
  12. Thank you very much for you guy's opinions.I will go to check more colors in the shop then.
  13. Which colors are going to be available in WOC this year? I asked my SA and she didn't know:push:

    I bought one last year, stared at it for a long time then freaked out and returned it. I have been :crybaby: ever since! I am definitely going to get one this year!
  14. :tup::tup:
  15. Love the navy, but I agree with everyone: if you don't love it don't keep it.