Should I keep my damier Speedy 30?

  1. I need some advices please.
    I've bought my speedy damier 30 2 weeks ago but it was a difficult choice because I've really hesitated with the mini lin speedy 30 and the damier 25.
    My Sa told that if the bag was for a frequent use, the mini lin canvas could be used by the time.
    So I've decided to take the damier 30 for only 15€ more than the 25.
    But now I can't stop asking myself if I've made the good choice :confused1:
    Do you think that I should go back to my shop to take another
    model, I don't use it yet.
    Thanks for your help.
  2. I think you should do what your gutt is telling you. You dont sound 100% happy with your damier 30. I would go back by LV just to make sure.
  3. The Damier is a more durable bag so if you plan on using it as an everyday bag, I would keep it. If you have a lot of bags in your rotation, the mini lin is so pretty and will hold up fine.
  4. Keep the Damier!! Mine is my everyday bag!!
  5. ITA, if you not 100% I would return...nothing worse than an unloved bag sitting on a shelf.
  6. get what you really like..............
    if you're not happy with your purchase, you might as well exchange it.......
  7. try thinking more about it and ask urself if u really want it .. the decide :smile:

    if u didnt like it DO exchange it :smile:
  8. You have to LOVE your bag:sad: doesn't mean you won't end up loving this one but maybe you should go back and take time trying some others? Good luck.
  9. I agree that if it's not love, then maybe you should exchange it for another bag. You sound really uncertain.
  10. I agree, go back to the store and try on the other bags again. Get the one that speaks to you the most. I'd personally get the damier over the mini lin -- and if you like the damier 25 the best, get that one even if the price difference vs. the 30 is minimal. It's all about getting a bag that you really love!
  11. I like the Damier better than the Mini Lin. But it seems like you like the ML more. One thing is I heard that someone saw a display ML fraying.
  12. i :heart: :heart: my damier speedy..

    one of the best bag for everyday use without worrying about the vachetta and dirt..

    but if u still unsure exchange it for something u love better :heart:
  13. Yes, keep your Damier! It's a wonderful, beautiful bag. I just don't prefer the Mini Lin, because the material is so flimsy. Just doesn't look like the bag is worth that much.
  14. :heart: :heart: i love damier better than ML..but thats only me...
    for the size...i have a 30, but in that time i felt theres only few dollar difference, why dont i get a big one..but now...i feel 30 is way too big for me...
    i love 25....

    you can try it on..and see which you fit you better...

    congrats on your purchase !!!:yahoo:
  15. go back and try the bags again. listen to your :heart:

    you have to LOVE your bag!