Should I Keep My Coach Wristlet? Need advice!

  1. Hi all,

    I haven't used or even touched my Coach gallery red stripe wristlet since I bought it except to take pics of it for here, lol. Wonder if I should sell it or hang on to it? is it a discontinued piece or will it be around for a while? I'd like some opinions... TIA :biggrin:
  2. If you don't and won't use it, I say sell it and use the money towards something else you will actually use! What's the use of a new bag if you never use it or get to show it off?
  3. Hi babydoll Chanel I had to edit your thread so it dosent look like any type of ad.
  4. You should sell it and have that money for a bag that you love and that you won't second think about. Check around sites and eBay to see whether its dicontinued or not. Coach is ubiquitious afterall.
  5. All good advice! :smile: Will sell in order to buy the black Hamptons hobo I've loved for ages, lol.
  6. def. get something you like not that your forced to like...
  7. Decision made! Thanks, all! :biggrin: