Should i keep my azur 30?

  1. Hello everyone!

    I got an azur speedy 30 from my bf for christmas... I'm very happy but I originally wanted a 25. Do you think I should return it for a 25? I like the 30 as well but I feel it might be too big for some occasions.. what do you think? I'm around 5'7" and weigh 125lbs. I have the MC speedy in 30 and I always bump the hardware corners everywhere...
    I kinda want to keep the azur 30 because my bf picked it out and I am pretty tall. But I've always thought that azur 25 was really cute. I have a mono 25 and I find the size to be okay... My bf told me he didnt get the azur 25 because it looked liek a "lunch box" when i held it. LOL... he was also originally gona get the damier speedy but lucky they SOLD OUT so he got the azur insteadddd :woohoo: heehee...

    Do u think I can get away with dressier occasions with the 30 or would it look too casual? thanks for your input :smile:
  2. I think with you being tall[er] you should keep the 30 ! :tup:
  3. & ANY Lv looks nice with anything to me !
  4. I think the 30 is the perfect size for almost everybody (tall or petite) I just like it better than the 25. So I say it's a keeper...

    IMO, I don't think that the damier Azur is for dressy/formal occasions, regardless of the size, but that's just me...
  5. yeah i agree with veelyn- if you're taller stick with the 30. i have a 30 and i'm 5'10" and it's fine (a SO Damier 35 would be even better!) but i would look ridiculous with a 25. I think it would be fine for dressier occasions- plus, as long as you love the bag, you can make it work for any occasion just by your attitude towards it! the azur pattern is definltey casual AND dressier IMO.
  6. You should keep it and keep adding to your Speedy collection.
  7. i'm 5'6 and 110, hmmm both sizes are fine for me but i prefer to use the 25s when it's for a dressier occasion.
  8. Stick with the 30!!!!!!
  9. Just like Milodrinker, I'm 5'6" and around 110 as well, and I prefer the 30. Anyway, it's not as bulky as the MC Speedy 30 since the Azur is soft and will sag eventually.
  10. I like 25s for dressier occasions, that's why I have 2 25s and soon, a 30 for daytime use. I've seen pics of celebs at formal events with 30s and I think it looks wrong. But the 25 is also big enough to hold lots.

    I'm surprised, I thought a lot of people liked Azur in the 25! At least that's what I found when I was researching the sizes....
  11. I think you should keep the 30 ;)
  12. I say keep the 30. I'm on the taller side too (5'8") and I think the 30 is the better option based on your height.
  13. keep it :yes:
  14. Keep the 30! :yes: The 25, although it's cute, does look a little boxy IMO.
  15. KEEP IT! I'm the same height and weight as you and the 30 fits me perfectly. Although I don't use it for dressier occassions, I use it mostly for work and casual days.