Should I keep Midnight Blue Lindy 30 Clemence?

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  1. I currently own a rouge casaque kelly 35 with SHW in clemence, However, I rarely use it that much (probably like few times a year). I find it a bit heavy and bulky, even through my 5'7.

    Recently I wanted to get a lindy in either 30 or 34 neutral color (Etain, Etaupe, or gold). I feel like it more causal then the kelly, i could just grab it and go without dressing up to match it. Last week, i got offer a lindy 30 midnight blue with shw in clemence leather. I bought it and left it in the box for a few days without touching it.

    1. when I try it on, i feel like the bag seem small for my frame. (5'7.5, current 170lbs, 9 months prego). should i wait for a 34 instead? But im afraid it will be too bulky and i'll regret it, and ended up not using it that much like my kelly.
    2. the color seem very dark, almost like black. it's not my ideal color for a lindy, however i feel like i don't need to worry getting the leather dirty in the future, especially having the baby around. Does neutral color leather gets dirty easily?

    Do you think I should keep or return the lindy?

    Thank you ladies!
  2. The leather will be fine, even in a bright color. I have a TC bag in a bright color and it is not delicate, IMO.
    As for the lindy, if you can even consider the idea of exchanging it this soon after purchasing, then I'd suggest returning it. Sounds like it's not really something you love. Don't force yourself to like it if you don't.
  3. If you are having second thoughts return ir exchange for something you absolutely love!! I have a lindy 30 etoupe and its the perfect grab and go back (however for me personally i am not loving etoupe on me...). For my next lindy i am considering a 26 even...
  4. From the way you describe it, maybe you should return it
  5. I would return, it doesn't sound like it will make you happy long-term. Congrats on your baby.
  6. What is your pre-preg size? Your body will have changed quite a bit and will change again once the baby is born. I think I would base this decision on the colour. You seem to not like the darkness, so that would be my deciding factor to return it.
  7. I'm around 5'7n 130 lbs pre-preg. I dunno if the weight gain makes me feel the bag is small. I dunno about the weight of 34, I'm afraid it will be heavy n it will ended up inside the box most of the time 😣
    the funny thing I don't have 1 single black bag in my life. so at first I don't mind having a dark lindy. the only question now is, if I return the bag, I dunno when I'll come across another lindy, yet one that's in the neutral color.
  8. Hi!!! Im around your height, and 130lbs atm.. (no baby) so i guess i can share my experience. I find the 34 too big for my frame!! it fits against my waist so awkwardly that i feel it will only bump into people or things when its crowded, so imo, not good for commute at all!! weight wise, 34 is also light (but i tried on swift, so not sure if it will be any lighter). so i rejected 34 and was open to 30 (ghw) or 26.

    I was offered 30 and 26 to try on and fell in love with 26. only because i prefer small bags for my Lindy...otherwise 30 is also perfect. you can see my modshot in the link below. hope it helps!
  9. Lindy 30 is perfect
  10. #10 Jun 6, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2016
    In my opinion the size is perfect for you and the color is a neutral dark. Goes well with jeans, casual and elegant dresses. Color is a personal choice, if you don't feel happy with blue night wait for another one . Your SA will help you to find your prefect bag!
  11. I would say, if you really liked it... then, you won't have thought twice.

    You have already made your mind, to get rid of it :smile:
    These SAs have professionals who can guide you which color & size is perfect for you! but your opinion matters the most :smile:

  12. Thanks Mswkk for your reference pics. 30 looks great for the your frame! I guess the 30 will works on me too once i got rid of the baby weight :lol::lol:

    Thanks you all ladies for your help, I will hold on to the bag for another week, if somethings comes up, I''ll exchange it, if not, i'll just keep it :smile:
  13. I have kelly 32 and still use Lindy 30 much more. I am 5'4 and 135 pounds and 30 seems bulky sometimes because the fold on Lindy varies depending on how much stuff is in it. I love Lindy because of the outside pockets for cell phone. This is so valuable being a mother and needing to be hands free. Great everyday bag. A 34 is not for everyday use in my opinion.
  14. I guess midnight blue is bleu nuit, right? I'm not a blue person, yet I enjoy my Lindy in bleu nuit very much, so easy to be used as everyday bag. I have 2 Kellys, but I definitely use my Lindy more, easier to dress up and down. Let me share the pic of my Bleu nuit Lindy with u, not sure if it would help or not. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465445574.023429.jpg
  15. may I know what size is ur lindy?