Should i keep it?

  1. I need serious help here. I'd just gotten a Dior lady cannage large bag... and its in this amazing wine red colour. I love it when i first saw it and it's the last piece and I hardly see anyone with this stunning piece! Hence I'm now pondering if it's an impulse buy.

    I'm thinking if i should return it and get a chanel coco cabas or balenciaga instead since they will be more practical (can store up more stuff) and I can lurge them to school. Whereas for the dior one, its more like an evening or shopping bag to me.

    How... should i???
  2. Keep it!!! The Lady D Cannage bag is one of the most classy, elegant pieces out there. I have it in the regular size and I adore it. In my humble opinion, it is a definite must have...its just one of those perfect pieces that is gorgeous and just right for any occasion...:smile:
  3. if you're really looking for an everyday bag to lug stuff around for school and the like, then the lady dior doesn't really seem like it'd cut it, truth be told (and as much as i adore the lady dior).

    that said, it doesn't mean you need to give up on the lady dior range. there's the lady dior woven tote (in white) or the cannage shopper tote which i believe is large enough to store just about anything for school really (and to differentiate yourself from the crowd since i'm sure it's less common than a chanel cabas or balenciaga). i'm sure the new cannage range (sharing the same quilt pattern as the lady diors, but sans the dangling charms) might offer some variety. ;)

    01. lady dior woven tote: $2500
    eLUXURY - Dior - Lady Dior Embroidered East/West Shopper Dior

    02. cannage large shopper tote: $1450
    eLUXURY - Dior - Cannage Large Shopper Christian Dior

    03. lady dior cannage quilted tote: $1590
    Diorx-x Lady Dior Cannage-Quilted Totex-x Bergdorf Goodman

    04. cannage messenger: 660 pounds (this one is good for a schoolbag! i saw it IRL at the dior boutique and thought "whoa! what a gorgeous thing to have for school!)
  4. omg!!! the last 2 are so pretty and really good for school! so sad that I didn't see them being retailed in the boutiques in Singapore. What a waste. I hope I can find them online though. Thanks! :smile:
  5. oh you're in singapore?! (i'm from singapore) the stock in singapore is pretty limited (they didn't bring in the rebelle line).

    you might want to try HK (although they don't do phone orders). alternatively you could try ordering them from Neiman Marcus/Bergdorf Goodman (the 2nd last one is from bergdorf) since NM/BG accepts international orders.

    i've not ever asked my SAs in singapore if they can bring a bag in if you request for it (i know in the UK that's possible), but you can try. try asking for shirley (at the taka branch, she's very helpful) or for kiddy (at the dfs branch). hope the helps some! ;)
  6. :drool: I STILL really want that white woven Lady Dior, but it's WAAAAY overpriced for me.
  7. Oops, I thought it was the quilted tote we were talking about! That one is perfect for school and a ton of other occasions...I love your other suggestions Zerodross! :drool:
  8. keep it!!
  9. heh, re-reading the original post, i think i'm the one that got confused? i don't know, i assumed that the original poster meant that she got the lady dior tote . but then i re-read it and it was a dior lady cannage large bag, which might be a cannage drawstring large bag? now i'm confused. :confused1:

    although like May, i'm still eyeing that white woven lady dior tote and wishing it would be mine someday. *sighs*
  10. lols... i actually got the cannage one that is on the vogue ad. But a larger one.... that one in red. And thank you lovelies for all the suggestions!! :smile:)
  11. ah! the large cannage drawstring bag?

    i thought you had gotten this lady dior
  12. yup, the second one. not the drawstring one. It's an elegant piece!!! I hope i carry it around frequently in my shopping trips! :smile:
  13. I have the second one too but in lambskin! The Lady Dior Cannage Bag I think its called? I love it! It is without a doubt my absolute favorite bag ever! :smile: Those drawstring ones are so cute too...they look so supple! And I want to buy the quilted tote too...
    Sorry if I added to the confusion, lol!
  14. I would keep it.
  15. if you're not in some real need of a school bag/everyday bag, i'd say keep the lady dior. it's a classic and will never go out of style and you'd definitely thank yourself a few years down the road whenever you use it. ;)

    otherwise if you're in a real need of an everyday bag, go for an exchange. i don't see the lady dior line being discontinued anytime soon (or ever for that matter), so you can always purchase it later when you've more use for it.