Should I keep it??

  1. I am a certified Paddington addict! I have the medium satchel in Chocolate, Whiskey, Blanc, and I just got one (magically) in the mail in TAN from Neiman Marcus. Do I really NEED the tan? It is such a gorgeous color and is the "original" Paddington color in my mind. As you can tell I love the Paddington in neutrals.:heart: If I keep the tan, my Paddington collection will be complete, and I will not be getting anymore! Am I crazy? :nuts: Opinions please!!!
  2. Hey, if you can afford it, why not?
  3. I lo ve the tan. Its THE best colour in the Paddington.

    OK, so you have the whiskey and the chocolate, which means you have all the autumn/winter bases covered, and the Blanc is for summer, so the tan, well, it goes with every colour, and can be used at any time.
    So keep it if you can! and please post a piccie, gosh I really want a tan paddy :biggrin:
  4. I love the tan - just bought one, I just think it is the classic paddy colour
  5. oh well done Miss Bradshaw.
    Where did you buy it from in the end :smile:
  6. The tan is a great color. And you clearly love the Paddy so the tan will make the collection complete!

  7. tan is great. but where is the grenat? then your collecion will be complete. hahaha! keep it if you can, i mean you are a paddington collector.
  8. I think you should go right now drive to the store and buy it!!! Are you sure your collection is complete?!!!! I like the tan.
  9. The tan is the classic paddy colour, I'd say if you can afford it why not! Just think how cute they will all look together lol!
  10. Wow, if you have the funds to keep it then keep it!!! Tan goes with everything.

    The only time I hesitate to keep a bag is when I think I will end up neglecting my other bags in the rotation. This is why I am trying to not buy a black bag because I think I'll end up using it instead of trying to work my other beautiful bags into my outfit.
  11. My tan from A/W 05 is my pride and joy Paddington. It has the best leather, is the most versatile color, and an all out keeper forever!

    I'd love to see a pic of yours. It sounds like you got a good return. The tan 06 was never available online, so yours must be from 05. I wonder if it's the one I returned last year (I ended up with two and returned one).

    I have tan, whiskey, noir satchels and the chocolate in the bowler style. Love them all!!
  12. Nothing wrong with having 4 or 5 or ..... Paddies (especially since all the colors are so gorgeous)! You're talking to a multi-Paddy owner here (5) and I wouldn't give up a one. Keep it if you love it! Congrats... pics??
  13. Ahhhh!! Keep it!! :smile:
  14. YES! If you can afford to keep her, you should. The Tan is a gorgeous color and can wear it with most anything. Then again, you have almost every other color so matching really isnt an issue. Just the same, yes, if you can, you should keep her. I also agree with Fayden, the Grenat would complete your collection;)
  15. I will post pictures of the tan tonight. The tan has AWESOME leather. The only paddy that I have that only has "okay" leather is the one I have in blanc. I got that one from NAP, so I did not want to go through the process of returning it, but it has NO wrinkles and is much stiffer. I think that the tan is definitely a keeper. I am in love! I do like the grenat color, but have never really been attracted to red colored bags until recently. The only red tone that I have is a Balenciaga purse in Bordeaux. . . MUST NOT BUY ANYMORE PADDINGTONS!!! Thanks guys and pictures to come tonight!