Should I keep it??

  1. So I've been on the lookout for fall's new trend, a LARGE bag...I saw the Le Marais Large Tote in a pic recently in gold, and I fell in love. I recently went to Vegas and after seing the gold and black side by side, oddly enought i went for the black (The gold is a little too rustic/antique looking for my taste)....When I showed my mom, she almost laughed. She said she couldn't believe i spent that much on such an "ugly" bag. She has excellent taste in bags, don't get me wrong, but she's more a fan of the classier, classic chanels, so I get why she thinks it's "ugly"...the problem is her comment keeps circling in my head, and now I can't decide if I want to keep it...(I loved it before she said that)....Give me your opinions ladies, do you love it??? I'm borrowing a pic from a fellow TPF'er because I havent taken pics of mine yet, hope that's ok...
  2. I LOVE the bag and think its HOT!

    more important is how you feel about it, if you don't totally love it I would return it.
  3. i dont think it's ugly... i think it's kinda cute. it might not be a bag that your mom will carry, just like my mom isn't going to carry my pink medallion tote but that doesn't mean it's not going look good or i'm not going to love it any less. why dont u post some pics of you carrying it and let us see if it looks ugly. i highly doubt it because that is a hot bag!
  4. i think it depends on how it looks on you--why don't you post a few pictures? pleating seems to be in for fall, you'll see a lot of it from LV by winter.
  5. funny you mention pleating...that's exactly what she hated about it...hah...But my LV Mono Stephen also has pleating and I LOVE it!!!
    Funny though...I could care less what others think of my stuff so long as I like it, but Mom's just have a way....
    Thanks gals, I'll post some pics as soon as I get my battery charged up.
  6. i saw it in person today
    and its a lovely bag and all
    just not worth the money
  7. I love that bag. But too bad it's too big on me. I love the gold hue and I think it's an adorable design
  8. Well well purse enthusiast !I äm speaking as a mom too and I'll just say what I'd say to my daughters...:lecture:I think this bag is UGLY and your mom's perfectly right not because it's big of course !There are other gorgeous big bags there like the modern chain \ the brooklyn \cabas or vintage jumbos and reissues ..:tup:.this one really reminds me of a knock-off not Chanel!Besides in my eyes it looks a bit old-fashioned esp for a young lady!:tdown:I'm really really sorry to sound so negative but since you ask I have to give my honest opinion!:nogood:
    On the other hand it is you who will carry the bag and if you DO love it then
    don't let anything we say discourage you!Keep us posted on your decision! :yes:
  9. It is a bit old fashioned looking -- not new, edgy, etc.
  10. If you like it then def. keep it. "Ugly" is tough to gauge. I can see where someone who preferes the classics wouldn't go for this bag, but if it's your taste then you will be sure to use it, right?
  11. I like it.
    Personally...I like pleating on bags alot.I wouldnt worry about what other people say..ALL THAT MATTERS is that U LOVE IT...who cares what anyone else thinks.I like that bag!
  12. You bought it so you obviously like it. I think its a pretty interesting bag. I have never seen that. You should keep it if you think you will use it.
  13. I would follow my heart.
  14. i hear ya, loud and clear on that one! i dunno, the person who's opinion i value the most about bags (and clothes, shoes, everything) is my mum, and she knows my style quite well, so if she thinks anything doesn't look good, i usually trust her opinion! Why don't u ask your mum what about it she thinks is ugly? If you can, keep it for a few days before deciding what to do with it. Of all you know u'll fall right back in love with it soon!
  15. Thank you all for your opinions...I finally got to take some pics, and please, be brutally honest. I still can't decide, I think the deciding factor may not be whether its cute or ugly, but rather how it looks on take a look!! (Pardon my mess, this was taken inside my closet and I'm still unpacking from Vegas)
    DSC02080.jpg DSC02089.jpg DSC02086.jpg DSC02082.jpg