Should I keep it?

  1. All I care for when it comes to jewelry are engagement and wedding rings. This watch was a gift from my cousin and it costs a whopping $2,800+tax.:nuts: and I'm debating whether I should keep it or exchange it for a cheaper $1,500 watch and buy myself a purse with the rest :P
    I feel really uncomfortable wearing such expensive jewelry. It is nice to own nice jewelry though so I don't know. What do you think? Thanks.
    tagheuer1.jpg tagheuer2.jpg
  2. It's really pretty..I would keep's a lovely piece and it looks nice on your wrist.
  3. That watch is stunning! It's always nice to have exquisite pieces like that, but if you are uncomfortable wearing something so expensive, then you should get the cheaper one and buy yourself a purse with the leftover! Of course, $1500 for the 'cheaper' watch is not cheap by any means:nuts:

    Would you wear this watch everyday? I think you should get a watch you'd be comfortable wearing everyday. Not sure how the watch looks in real life, but the diamonds seem a little 'bling' for everyday wear.

    I never was a watch person until my bf bought me a Movado for my birthday. It's so timeless and classy that I wear it everyday and would feel naked without it.

    Congrats on the gorgeous present, pursegalsf
  4. What a gorgeous gift! I think it's lovely, but if you'd be just as happy with a 1,500 and a purse I say go for the 1,500 watch. From what you've shared about your cousin they sound like they would agree with your preference.
  5. Yes, this will be my everyday watch. It's a bit too much no?
  6. WHOA! I say keep it! What a nice cousin!
  7. Gotta agree with you pursegal! :shame:
  8. I don't wear a watch, and couldn't care less about them, so I say go for the less expensive one and get the handbag!!!!! Or two handbags and no watch doesn't sound bad either...ot 1 handbag, a pair of shoes and a cheaper watch....oh my goodness....the options are endless!!!!!:smile:
  9. That is a stunning watch. It's so elegant and I think it's a classic. Definitely keep it!
  10. hey ya
    wow! thats an amazing watch! if you're not comfortable wearing it everyday then i reckon you should talk to your cousin about looking for a new one together... its really beauitful - i seriously wish my cousins would buy me nice stuff... at the end of the day i think your cousin would like you to be comfortable and happy.... good luck!!! :smile:
  11. Wow! I wish my coussin was that nice! If you are going to wear it everyday and like it, I say keep it. But on the other hand, you can't go wrong with getting a "cheaper" watch and a bag too. :biggrin:
  12. i think KEEP it!
    it's cute!and pretty bling bling
  13. omg Eileen! That watch is absolutely GORGEOUS. I can't stop looking at it, I was never a big fan of watches but WOW, you've convinced me!!

    Keep it, keep it!!!
  14. Hi Pursegalsf! I agree with Mewlicious. It is a beautiful watch though and I absolutely love Tag Heuer, I bought my husband one and they are not only gorgeous but are outstanding quality, he has had his for over 8 years now. For ME though, I think I'd be too nervous to wear it as an everyday watch just because of the diamonds. How about getting a Tag Heuer without the diamonds?!...and you'll have some change left!
  15. ^^^ thanks pursemama.