should i keep it? return it? get it in another color?

  1. i know you guys will be able to help me with this. i love crossbody bags. they're so convenient especially now that i'm juggling both work and school having to carry loads of stuff for one day. i noticed as i was flipping through the mj lookbook that one of the new styles for spring was a messenger type bag. i asked my sa gabby about it, and she had it couriered over to my apartment, so i could take a look at it.

    what do you guys think? i tried it on and the bag sort of sits against my waist. i've adjusted the strap as far as it'll go down, but it's still not resting as low as i would like. do you think the color is too drab? it also comes in chalk, rose, and navy.

    should i keep it? get it in a different color? i was thinking rose, but i'm afraid that's too pink and too seasonal. i don't think i can pull off pink. should i forget about it altogether and bring it in for a completely different bag? your opinions are appreciated. tia!
    mercer crossbody bag.JPG
  2. what is this bag called? what color is this one? how much is it retailing for?

    it's a little too drab for my taste. i think there are some other cute messenger bags out there that might sit better on you as well.
  3. hmm, i agree with kitcat. a little too drab. i love all your other bags. this one doesnt seem quite "you," tadpole... :confused1:
  4. I think this bag would be gorgeous in Chalk!

    However, it sounds like you are intending the bag to be really functional and that you are superbusy...Maybe Chalk wouldn't be the practical choice (high-maintenance to keep scuff-free).

    If you get it, my vote would be for Navy: a classic pseudo-neutral / neutral for most if not all seasons, depending where you live IMO.
  5. i know. now that you said it, that was my first gut feeling. i wanted to look at the bag after having seen the picture briefly and i wanted to like it. now that's it's here, it's rather underwhelming. also, the color is not as rich as i thought it would be. i guess it sounds like i've already decided to get something else. any suggestions? :smile:
  6. Ya, I'm not that into it either... the color is just ok and the strap doesn't even look that comfortable. Are you set on a crossbody bag? It's so much easier to find a nice tote than a messenger-style bag!
  7. Finding a good crossbody is tough. If it isn't sitting comfotably on you I'd return it & get a completely different bag.

    I have the MBMJ softy messenger for a more 'utility' can take anything/any weather type bag. I have boring black (one of my only black bags though). But poppy is very pretty in that bag if you can find it!
  8. it's simply called the crossbody. the color is chestnut and it retails for $1195. i guess i'll be dropping by the mj boutique this saturday to see what else there is. at least there's an upside to my disappointment.

    my best friend just came by and she said it looked "dowdy like an old lady purse." the girl has a point.
  9. not a crossbody- but i have the anna corinna jet setter jr. tote in matte black and it is a huge, great, throw everything in bag that can still sit really comfortably on my shoulder. i know its not mj- but cute still.

    i also saw the Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr Q Hiller Hobo in black today and it is pretty cute- I thought about buying it but decided I didn't need two big black bags.

    good luck!

    ps. you know the trish can be worn snugly crossbody?:graucho::graucho:
  10. ^ ack! i need the trish. don't tease me. :nogood:
  11. hahah.. tadpole, just hold off until you find the trish you want.
  12. haha- im sorry. its pretty snug- but can be done.
  13. Ehh...not too exciting. For a cross-body bag, I'd probably go with a MBMJ instead of collection. It will probably get beat up a lot more, so go with something a bit tougher.
  14. Sorry but I totally agree with your best friend. I feel like you can find a much nicer looking functional bag than that. Surely you will find something at the MJ boutique when you go. :graucho:
  15. I agree with everyone, no one is totally in love with this bag and it really doesn't sound like you are. I certainly make dumb purchases but best to save your $$$ for a bag that you love and is functional.

    I'm a total freak about searching for functional bags but through eBay and some non-designers I've gotten some really great bags that have either two strap lengths or an adjustable strap. My fav bag has short handles to be handheld or crook of the arm PLUS a totally adjustable strap that can be worn on the shoulder or crossbody. It takes awhile but is worth it!