Should I keep it or return it?

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  1. Hi ladies, I purchased this box calf 28 Kelly in orange. I didn't realise that deep scratch until I received the bag. The scratch was located in the front near the bottom. It seem like caused by keys or diamond ring , the skin off too. Do you think that can be fixed by the spa. Should I keep it or return to the reseller. This is such rare color.

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  2. Such a beauty. I'm not sure if spa can do the magic, also it depends on how much you paid ..if the spa won't so the magic and you paid a lot, I would vote for returning..
  3. This harsh scratch should have been revealed by the reseller and should not have been a surprise to you. Oh my. Not right. If the price was really good and you love her despite the scratch, then that is your business and right of course. I personally could not live with that scratch unless I had done it myself, and then I'd march straight to Docride or the boutique. Good luck.
  4. Thank you ladies, I paid 7k. Do you think the price is reasonable!?
  5. The seller just mention the scratch is only minor hair line. However, it is not, I am very disappointed
  6. For that money, I would return it. Good luck.
  7. I would return it.
  8. I would never accept such a flaw. Never. That scratch is SHOCKING.
  9. Oh Yoish, return immediately. You can and will find a bag for that price. I am so sorry and understand the terrible disappointment but 7000.00 is certainly not chump change.
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  10. Great bag, but for that money I would want it perfect, never mind a minor-turned-major scratch.

    I think the H spa could minimise but not erase, I wouldn't do any DIY

    Certainly worth asking for a 30% discount, if no go then return
  11. :yes: Agreed, and I'm not even fussy
  12. I agree with sparklelisab. This shouldn't be a surprise. Did you see the picture of the scratch before hand? It doesn't look like a minor hairline scratch to me. Prices are dependant upon many factors like age, condition, color, rarity, etc (and how much you want it). To me it's about whether I know what I was getting and then deciding if it was a fair price. If you decide to keep it, I'd suggest discussing with the seller about discount because the spa will not be free--this all depends on whether or not the seller was being clear/honest with the description in the first place. G'luck!
  13. The seller only took one picture on the scratch in flat angle. It is hard to see on that picture. I understand this is per owned condition, i cannot expect in prefect condition, but the seller Should describe clearly in such expensive item.
  14. It is a a beautiful bag, and although I am not a fussy person the scratch would bother me as it was not properly disclosed. I would expect to pay half the original price for that sort of flaw. The top layer of the leather is missing so it's not as if it would go unnoticed.