should i keep it or return it?

  1. my first time making a thread :idea:

    anyways, it was my sweet 16 a week ago and my mom bought me a cute bag from juicy couture (which i normally hate because it's sort of tacky...). here's a pic...


    i really like the fact that it doesn't say "juicy" all over it and it's white (perfect for summer). BUT, the bag doesn't have a lining on the inside :hrmm: at first i thought it wouldn't bother me, but it really really does... i mean, there's no extra pocket to keep my keys and such and there's no cellphone pocket! it just seems so unfair to pay nearly 400 dollars for a leather bag that doesn't even have a lining in it. So my question is, do you think i should keep it since i like the exterior of the bag, or should i exchange it for something else (like a coach bag or something...). help me out please!
  2. I love this bag. I say its a keeper!
  3. I think that's really cute! You should keep it. It's a great white tote and it doesn't scream Juicy!
  4. I think it is pretty. However, if you really are bothered by the fact it does not have a lining I say return it and get something else.
  5. I don't like Juicy usually also because they tend to be tacky, but the new season of stuff seem to be ok.

    Although, you said it doesn't have lining? That's just, well, unacceptable for a bag that's $400. You can get a white tote without lining and some charms for less than that.
  6. I love the bag....maybe put your cell in a phone clip and clip it on the inside of the bag...I really need my pockets as well....there are some gorgeous coach bags out at the moment...(I believe the prices are more than $400.00 OR the Gucci tote is lovely as well) But I do really like your bag. Gorgeous.
  7. I think the bag is adorable... You should keep it! And personally, I have a REALLY hard time returning or exchanging things people give me, so I would keep it. It's very cute!
  8. keep it !
  9. do you mind making a suggestion on a coach bag? i'm only 16, so i like things that are fresh and not something that looks like its for the office :amuse: btw, what gucci tote are you talking about? of course i'm sure i won't be able to afford it :cry:
  10. I would definitely keep this bag and I CAN'T STAND Juicy Couture in general. It's not loud and obnoxious, it has the charms which in this case, I find very quaint. It's a keeper imo.
  11. Wow! I am shocked that they didn't line the bag. It just seems unfinished. Though it is a cute bag if you don't have the pockets you need, you might regret keeping it later when you are frustrated with it.

    For that price range you should be able to find something that is LINED and has pockets!

    I agree with you, without pockets, it can be a bottomless pit when you are desperately looking for something.

    Good luck with your search! :smile:
  12. It's cute :biggrin:
  13. ah, i'm in such CONFLICT with myself! i love the bag but the whole "no lining" thing is REALLY bothering me! what the heck is wrong with the people at juicy?? is it really SO hard to line a 400 dollar leather bag with a cheap piece of fabric??
  14. Jinhee, your Juicy tote is nice; I can see it with work outfits as well. I personally like it more than a lot of Coach & D&B bags out there. I would keep it & find something to place inside of the tote. Members here mentioned purseket(???). If you have doubts, you can exchange for another item.

    I believe your tote is from the same line as this Betsey Leather Hobo (picture below from; the leather feels very nice!)