Should I keep it or not?

  1. Hello everyone, I have a dilemma. I got nervous when I found out about the price increase tomorrow, so I ordered the Damier Alma by phone. I found out earlier today that the price for the Alma was not affected.:crybaby: My husband said I could buy it if I really wanted it, but then that would mean when I go to Vegas in 2 weeks or Waikiki in November...I CAN"T BUY ANYTHING!!!:sad:

    I do like the Alma because it's a classic bag and I don't have a handheld yet in Damier. The past two days I have used handheld bags, the Trouville and Josephine pm, and now my arm feels a little sore. :confused1:

    What should I do? To make things worse, I know there will be new releases soon and my property tax increased :tdown: because of that prop 13. Help me out guys and help me decide!!! Thanks.
  2. Take it back. You won't enjoy it if you're worrying about these things, especially if you know for sure that you wouldn't have bought it knowing that it is unaffected by the price rises. Save up to buy one later, and in the meantime enjoy your holiday and do all the shopping and other events you do on a hol, without worrying about having spent all your money ahead of time or your property tax payments. :smile:
  3. hmm... I think you should return it cuz like you said

    1. bag's not affected by increase
    2. you NEED to make your property tax increase your priority
    3. don't save on trips (or at least *I* always follow my own rule...)
    4. you're hesitating which obviously means you're leaning toward the "returning" side.

    you'll have more chances to buy the alma in the future :yes:
  4. Take it back and buy it later this year.
  5. you can always return it, that way you can enjoy your trip and buy something if you like it......its not like that is a Limited edition...
  6. Take it back and get it in Hawaii cheaper!!!
  7. Yeah I'd take it back too. You can always get it later on. :yes:
  8. thanks everyone, i'll probably take it back when fed ex arrives. i will lose $30 for shipping though since i bought it from hawaii:hysteric: i don't know, maybe i will fall in love with it and manipulate my husband again while we're in hawaii in november.
  9. That's the spirit!!! :amuse:
  10. I agree with rileygirl, come to the Waikiki store and purchase it down here! The SA I talked to this past weekend said Hawaii is about 15% cheaper than the mainland. :tup:
  11. Take it back and wait until you get to Hawaii!x
  12. $30 for the shipping is nothing compared to the agony of being stuck with a bag that you're not really into. goodluck deciding!
  13. thanks everyone for the input. i received it today and i discovered something wrong with the seam like it's a little loose, so i think that's a sign not to keep it since i can't find another one made in france anywhere.

    the sa did tell me the damier sophie :idea:will be out in august. so i'm praying i will get that instead. i gave my credit card number already i hope they call!!!:sweatdrop: