Should I keep it or change it?

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  1. Hi guys. Yesterday I posted Vday reveal from my bf. My parents sent me same coin purse but different color. Should i keep it this one or exchange for speedy damier ebene 35.(Pic below)
    I like this coin purse..but little pricey....for coin purse.

    I already have mono 30....

    Could you help me??:shrugs::

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  2. If you don't LOVE it, get the bag. I'm sure you will get more use out of it.
  3. ^ My thoughts exactly ! :yes:

    Go and exchange it for what you'll use !
  4. That's a nice amount to put towards a bag, however, how do you think your parents will feel? If they wouldn't mind, then go ahead and get your bag :yes:
  5. Ask your parents if they mind since you already have another one from your BF. I'm sure they would rather get you something that you'll use.
  6. Make the exchange.
  7. ita
  8. exchange it!!
  9. exchange it. ;)
  10. i would exchange it as well. its very cure but a bag is always better!!!
  11. Exchange it
  12. I agree with the other ladies, if it isn't something you ABSOLUTELY love then exchange it for something you will!!
  13. Exchange it!
  14. Agreed with everyone else!
  15. Thank you guys. Yes, I already told my parents and they want me to have something that I really like and useful one. But Why I so considering this one because SA told me this coin purse is limit color or something,....