Should I keep it - Large Paddington Tote

  1. Hi, I finally got my large Paddington Tote from NAP. I love the color and size, however I have a major concern over this bag. It is not very practical. There is no zipper for the main compartment and for the bottom part even though there are lock and zipper, if I really keep my wallet in there, it will be such a hassle to get it in and out.

    Do you think I should return it and get a more practical one instead. Do you have any recommendations? I like large bag, prefer darker shade of color.
    Thanks a lot!
  2. Any chance you could post some pics??
  3. Do you mean the Shopper Tote, with the open main compartment, and small zipped base compartment?
  4. I would think you should be able to keep the wallet in the main compartment. Those bags are heavy. I think it would be hard for someone to try to grab it out of there (to steal) and that you should be able to put it in there and get to it fairly easily. I don't speak from experience though.
  5. Xiaoqian2003: funny that you ask this question, I just bought that bag yesturday(in rogue) and I have the same concerns:yes: . Ilove the look and color of the bag but the fact that there is no closure for the top drives me nuts:wtf:. If I go somewhere I would be afraid to sit the bag down for fear someone could take something out of it.
    So I too am stuck between loving the bag but not feeling my things are safe inside.
    Good luck on making your decision;)
  6. I have that bag, but witht the black hardware. I don't think your wallet would be accessible while you carried it though. I carry tote style bags so the practicality isn't really an issue for me. I wonder what I can store in the lower compartment too. I am not sure I'm keeping it though because I'm searching for a paddington satchel style.
  7. I have a shopper similar size but not chloe =P with a top zipper either..
    but because the bag is soo deep (height wise), it is extremely hard for a wallet to fall out or people to take it from you...
    In fact, I have thought I lost my wallet several times because I was trying to fish it out from the bag...
  8. I have the same hand bag and it is highly impractical ever I love it and use it. My advice keep it if it is "another" bag and you will use it occassionally but for an every day bag it would be a hassle for sure.
  9. It seems by the views here that it may not be exactly what you are looking for. If I were you I would send it back and get something that meets all your criteria.

    Good luck
  10. If you like a large paddington, you need to find out if you can track down the US Shopper that was made in '06. It is the size of the MJ stella and has tons of zippers and compartments. It's heavy, but I have this bag in just about every color it came in and I LOVE it. I also have many of the classic paddys and a few of the other styles as well, but the US Shopper is the bag for you if you like a large paddington. I know that they are calling the newer one the "shopping tote" or something like that, but it's just a tote bag and the US is more of a travel, or anytime bag. I think you'll need to look on eBay for it, as I haven't seen them lately, although does have it in ivory on their website. I have that color and it is gorgeous.
    Good luck:smile::idea: