Should I KEEP it? Keepall.

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  1. Ok so.
    I have been offered a pretty nice sum (£650) for my 2009 Keepall 45 Bandoulière Damier Azur.
    It's in great condition, with a light patina.
    I have recently aquired another Chanel piece, and feel like I have gone a little overboard and that I should sell something.. I am not considering it, because as beautiful as it is, it rarely gets used. I do travel a lot but for some reason I always seem to pack a big bag and a roller suitcase and not use my Keepall. I don't do weekend trips here in London like I did in LA with a car, where it made more sense. We don't have a car here bc it's not needed. We live central. I know I might regret it if I sell it.... And I will never ever find her again. These bags from 2009 are so well made!!! What to do.
    Another option is to sell my new Saffiano Prada (not double zip tote) that is the bag that inspired the Montaigne by LV. It cost me £1350. So. What to do? Help.
    Nicki x

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  2. I would sell the Keepall. No need to keep it if you are not using it.
  3. My thoughts too, but darn it. I love this thing so much. I don't really use the Prada bag either. Maybe I should sell that instead and start using the Keepall. We are thinking of moving to Austria where we will have a car. Could be good to have for weekend trips to Italy and Croatia or whatever. I'm rambling. I'm trying to tell myself to keep her. But it's hard, bc you are also very right.. Oh boy. x
  4. Do you fly very often? I use mine for my carry on with iPad, pillow, etc. Fits perfect under the seat. But if you don't see yourself ever using its worth it to sell.
  5. I do fly a lot. Flying again in 3 weeks. I don't know, I always tend to take my roller, bc of the weather here in London. It rains out of nowhere and I don't want to use it in rain bc of the vachetta. So I automatically reach for my hard case roller. But I do want to use her. And I also see myself using it in the future. Just not as long as we are in London. It was great with the long hauls to the states but now I don't do those too much anymore. Just a lot around Europe bc my family is now spread all around. Please tell me more. How do you pack it for flying exactly. (The etc's of you please) Does your shoulder kill you? Do you put it on the ground at the airport? Do you also have vachetta? I would like to use her on weekend trips like I said before (but that's more in the future. Maybe in 2/3 years) by then the prices for this bag will be crazy as well. Another factor to consider. Thanks for your answer as well!❤️
  6. I'd sell it - I have a mono keepall 45 (not bandoulier) and purchased a DG keepall 55 bandoulier for DH, which I use more than he does. The 45 is not big enough, even for an overnight trip. The 55 is fine but I find that use it it just because I feel I should. I would rather use a roller even for car trip.
  7. You just gave me an idea. Tomorrow I'm going to pack the Keepall for my current needs should I want to use it for an overnighter/weekend, and also for a fly bag. My needs have changed and I used to overpack (ehem) so I can see if I get a come an aha moment!
    Thanks for your input!! Very helpful!
  8. It sounds like you're still pretty attached to it even though you don't use it. If you feel the need to sell something and you're fine with selling the Prada, then I'd do that and keep the Keepall. You can always sell it later if you feel more OK with the idea but I feel like you miiiiiggggght regret it if you sell it now since you don't seem 100% on board with the idea.

  9. +1
  10. Please don't forget to update us on what you decide on! I've recently been considering the mono macassar keepall b45 and would love to know how useful the size is :biggrin:

    Is it too late to return your new Prada? Since you said you don't use it at all..
  11. Ok I will do that❤️ I think with the Macassar you won't have the issue with stains and vachetta and all that, but like was said it's also about how much use one gets out of it, not just because we feel we SHOULD use it, but because it makes sense in our lifestyles. I'm 5"2 so it's too big for me as an everyday bag so it would only be for leisure. Will keep you posted:smile:) and also take some packing pics. And of course my final decision. I have used the Prada. So I won't be returning it. I also like that bag but I think I haven't used it more than 3 times since December bc I constantly think: should I sell it for the Chanel. And I don't to use it too much for that reason. How silly are these problems by the way. Catching myself acting like a shallow person with super luxury problems! 🙄
  12. Well said! I'm definitely more attached to the Keepall than the Prada. The Keepall was a dream come true for me. The Prada was a spur of the moment purchase. Thanks for letting me share!!
  13. I'm not into Prada, so I guess my recommendation is to sell both. You could easily rebuy a Mono keepall if you changed your mind. I think Azur is too difficult to keep clean as a travel bag.
  14. True. I can always find a vintage monogram. I love the preloved (if well condition) !!! Gosh, you and everyone have so many valid points. I love the saffiano leather and their repair policies, and this bag like the LV Montaigne is so structured with separation. This is my only Azur piece, and it is beautiful, but I definitely hear you!!!! ❤️ Thanks for your tips:smile:)) much appreciated!!'
  15. Here is the Keepall by the way!!!

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