Should I keep it? Green Python

  1. I am New to Marc Jacobs and had purchased and returned two FAKE stams on eBay. So in my quest for the real thing I happened upon a great sale on a new Green Python Stam. I am trying to decide if I should sell it or keep it. It is tempting to sell as I saw they will go for quite a bit if I sell on eBay. This would be my first Marc Jacobs bag. I currently have two Chloe's that I bought at Nordstroms the same day. What do you all think? Also,Why this all started was.... I would like a everyday stam....Black or the new Dark Blue and elastic East/West? Anyone have input on that too. If I get a New Stam Elastic or the East West what would be a good price on eBay for a REAL one to use. I am trying to keep resale in mind with my new addiction. To have fun and use them at the same time. Thanks for any input.
  2. I love python anything! But I would love to see pics!
  3. I tried to but I need to figure how to downsize it I will try again. Had all them laid out! That green is beautiful and a hot spring color. Reselling just seems very profitable but I could never buy it for what I paid.
  4. Try using this website:
  5. I absolutely LOVE the green python stam. Green is so pretty and python is so luxurious! I say keep it!
  6. [​IMG][/URL][/IMG] here they are! hope this works thanks for the link!:tup:
  7. omg!! a green python stam?? could it be this one?

    ive been wanting one for the longest time! its a beauty! KEEP IT!

  8. I think she is referring to this one:

  9. i'm having trouble seeing pictures. the only pic i can see is the forest green python trimmed stam. are we talking about this stam from spring 07, but in the bright green color?

  10. Whoops didn't realize the image couldn't be viewed. Here it is again:

    Green Python Stam.jpg
  11. weren't there quality issues with this particular style specifically involving color rub-off and the python scales flaking off?
  12. Green Python Stam 2.jpg Green Python Stam 3.jpg Green Python Stam 4.jpg Green Python Stam 5.jpg Green Python Stam 10.jpg
  13. ^^^ wow, that is bad. is that specific to the python? i know the metallics themselves have problems also. tsk, tsk. and whats the deal? that auction, says "new and unused"?
  14. Ooo..that's not cool.
  15. Not crazy about!