Should I keep her????

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  1. I received the Tivoli pm today and I'm not sure if I should keep it. Maybe I'm not too excited because I got the Trevi yesterday that I'd been lusting after since it was released. Input would be appreciated. It's kind of small but I'm short and large bags look silly on me. My mom was absolutely no help we were comparing it to the Speedy 30 and we love that bag. I'm not sure what to do..HELP!! I'm going to LV tomorrow to have my moms wallet personalized and I'm thinking of maybe returning it....I'm so confused. It was going to be my xmas gift to Honest opinions would be helpful.:shrugs:
    Trevi Pm1.JPG XMas to me.jpg purse forum 010.JPG
  2. If you have doubt, definitely return it before it's too late.

    Perhaps get a Beverly MM instead? :nuts:
  3. You like the Beverly...Don't you? That was your guess

    The truth is that I was sort of trying to stay away from Monogram but this style was so cute I just fell for it. Maybe I need a good nights sleep and in the morning take a good long look at it. I'm so on the fence with this one. ugh I don't know what the hell to do!!
  4. don't convince yourself to like the bag - either you love it or you like it; i try not to make a purchase unless i LOVE the bag. if you're unsure of the tivoli now, think about how you'll feel later. after reading your post, and if i were you, i'd return the bag.

    and i agree with you about the mono, i'm trying to stay away from it too and venture out into new LV waters (recently epi). but the tivoli is just so cute; however, i've decided that i can live without it. now if we were talking about the mono vernis in pomme..... that's a different story.
  5. If it doesn\'t sing to you, take it back and get one that does! :smile:
  6. I agree with everybody that posted before: keep it only if you love it.
    I love my Tivoli GM so much I wanted to dance when I got out of the store :upsidedown:
  7. i saw the bag and tried it in the store. i :heart: it lol. my friend was commenting it seems to function similar to a speedy (size wise). sigh if only i had wait before my azur speedy purchase :p
  8. It looks soooo good on you!! But I agree with everyone, if you're having doubts then get a bag you absolutely love without question!
  9. Looks good on u. Keep it!
  10. This is a permanent piece isn't it? If you're not sure now, return it. If it's not LE you can always rebuy if you change your mind.
  11. i love this bag. i think you should keep it but again, if it doesn't make you happy you can always return and rebuy later :smile:
  12. if you have ANY doubts, you should return it.
  13. Ooo I love it, it looks great on you. But you have to decide if you like or nor.
  14. I agree, if you are having second thoughts now then I would return it. A big time congrats on the Trevi, I would love to get one someday.
  15. I think it looks really cute on you and I would love to have that bag!
    However, you have to decide if it is right for you or not. :p