Should I keep her? Sienna lovers convince me to do so!

  1. I'm just not sure about the color.:confused1: I haven't seen too much post on this color and would like to know what you sienna owners think. POST PICS AND TELL ME HOW YOU FEEL 'BOUT YOUR SIENNA!
    [​IMG] SIENNA3001.jpg (rename)
    [​IMG] SIENNA3005.jpg (rename)
    [​IMG] SIENNA3002.jpg (rename) .jpg cancel
    [​IMG] SIENNA3003.jpg (rename)
  2. YESYESYES! I can't believe you have to ask!!!! ;)

    That color is soooo gorgeous, especially for fall. It reminds me of mulled apple cider, fall leaves, warm brandy, etc. everything that's good. KEEP IT!
  3. :angel: Hmmm. I'll take that into consideration. Thanks AZIA!
  4. My sienna in natural light. I love the color but am probably not keeping it as it is too close to my marron 04 twiggy.
  5. What a beautiful color!! I don't have a sienna but your photos show a really pretty shade of reddish brown. It looks as though it's neutral enough to go with a variety of outfits. I'm sure it looks just great on you. Keep it!!
  6. Thanks! Yes it has reddish tone under direct sunlight. I'm thinking of keeping it more and more..;)
  7. Gorgeous color and the leather is TDF! :love:
  8. Hehe, no problem. ;) And just to add one more point in favour of this is brown enough to complement any "brown-friendly" wardrobe yet because it's reddish, it won't look out of place with a "black-friendly" outfit, you know? Unlike an earth-brown which would clash.

  9. Sienna & Mogano are my 2 favorite browns... keep her... shes gorgeous!!!!:yes: They go well with dark & neutral color clothes. :tup:

  10. :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool: OMG!
  11. Personally, I think it's beautiful but if there's ANY question in your mind, then chances are you're probably not meant to be together. Time and time again, I've gotten B-bags in colors that I *almost* liked, and hung unto them for awhile, but inevitably I'd get rid of them eventually. Then again, everyone is different and it may be that you'll fall in love with Sienna over time, so maybe the best thing is to hang onto it for a couple months and see if your feelings change. Good luck!
  12. Thanks Kristy! Well said!:tup::tup:
  13. oh my goodness you should totally keep it. i've been staring at all the lovely sienna Days and Twiggies owned by tPFers :nuts: i love the colour in these 2 styles. i haven't taken the plunge yet for 2 main reasons which can be subjective: i'm anal about colour matching (my wardrobe is more cool than warm) and i'm not crazier about the styles than i am about First/City/Work styles. if i save enough, i'll really consider getting it.
  14. I think the leather looks gorgeous, but I'm so-so on the color. It's not one I'd order for myself (though it is beautiful!) - if you're so-so then I say get something else. If you love a bbag you usually love it as soon as you lay eyes on it..and that's how it should be!
  15. I love sienna! Esp. in the twiggy style!!! I say keep her! Too bad I can't get one right now or I think I would!--if only I wasn't on a ban til the end of the year!