should i keep dark red metalic reissue??

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  1. im here again. could u guys help me to decide??? i have 226 dark red reissue. i love it. now i saw red patent reissue 225 with jigsaw puzzle pattern. its stunning but i think i shouldnt hv 2 red so what do u think? should i get it or not??? which one is better??:sweatdrop:
  2. i personally like the dark red metallic reissue :smile:
  3. ^^ me too!
  4. they both are gorgeous! if you don't want the dark red reissue pls let me know!:graucho:
  5. I like the dark red metallic reissue!
  6. Get the jigsaw in black or another color!! Variety is great but I would keep the metallic red as well, if it was me!!
  7. Metallic red.
  8. keep it!!!
  9. metallic red.
  10. a ha...:happydance: it's sound that i should keep dark red. everyone has the same sound. thanks for yr advices. i think i should wait for fall collections....
  11. I like the metallic reissue alot better.
  12. metallic red, definitely. :tup:
  13. Definitely! You know how there are still lots of tPFers looking for one!! I think that bag is going to stand a lot longer than puzzle ones.
  14. I like the red metallic reissue better.
  15. You made a good choice keeping the metallic.