Should I keep damaged shoe from BG if they give me a discount?

  1. I'm on the phone with BG now and they offered me 10% discount to keep the damaged sold out size 40 black VP with the burgandy tip. I got the 40.5, but it is too big and they are sold out everywhere for the 40. W

    What % should I accept to keep the shoe and have my cobbler fix the liner? I asked for 25% and I am on hold.... THANKS
  2. Have they seen the photos of the damage? I would not accept less than 25%.
  3. Not less than 25%.
  4. Agree with Kamilla and Lavender. Not as much damage as you had. 10% is for late arrival or wrong color!!!!
  5. I think 10% is way too little!
  6. Have to agree with the others Lynn. That is not acceptable for what you pay for these shoes.

    When negotiating, it's probably a bit better to ask for more than you expect to get. I would start with 40% off then they might meet you halfway and say 25-30%..

    Good luck, let us know! xxx
  7. Damaged/Shop Soiled - that should command a 50% reduction, well that's what I would say to start with.

    Personally, I would be looking to finish haggling at 1/3rd discount.
  8. Definitely not 10% not less than 25% IMO.
  9. wow! who are you speaking to? i think 10% is totally unacceptable. if there was a teeny little blemish, maybe... but the way they sent them to you? no way.

  10. ITA! If I remember correctly she bought them for full price- and got a totally damaged pair of shoes! A 50% discount is extremely reasonable. Tell them to give it to you at outlet price, since you got damaged shoes!
  11. They said the best they could do is 20% which is $192.50. From $770 to $577.50. I ordered the 40.5 and it arrived today, but it is too big so I definitely need the 40 and everyone is SOLD OUT. It is my HG shoe and my cobbler said that he could clean it up and make it perfect. When I put it on my foot, the liner flattens down and looks normal again.

    I could probably call the CL boutique to see if they have any left. I know that BG, Saks, and NM do not have any of the VP black patent with the burgandy tip. What would you guys do?
  12. Jeez Lynn 25% - that is lame!

    I guess at the end of the day it is down to personal choice on what you would accept. Personally, I don't have the cash available to spend nearlt $600 on shoes I am not 100% happy with. BUT if it is a shoe you have been after for a while, and is relatively cheap to fix up, then who are we to say what you should or shouldn't accept?

    I say if you are happy with that then go for it, as long as you won't resent it in two weeks time ...

    Good luck please keep us updated... xx
  13. I would definitely take them if 25% off, but at 10% off, it depends on how you feel about not having them at all vs. dealing with the repair. Will you regret the...$120 or so diff if you give them up?
  14. Also, how much are you looking at for repair?
  15. sorry, a little late on the reply. I would have taken the 20%. For a HTF shoe like that, esp. one the cobbler can fix, it would be acceptable to me.