Should I keep - Cosmetic pouch PM /OR/ Toiletry pouch 15

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  1. #1 Mar 21, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2016
    Hello TPFers!

    I've been giving this a lot of thought lately, should I sell this cosmetic pouch PM (in Grenade) and get the Toiletry 15?

    I bought this Cosmetic pouch PM last year and never used it, was still using an old Monogram one up until lately - when I JUST found out that it is too deep/wide for my Chanel m/l flaps... it fits but really stretches it and doesn't leave me with much space.

    I originally wanted it as a pouch where I put all my random bits and bobs (tissue, lipbalm, purse hook, hand sanitizer, earphones, more lipsticks, comb, bandaids, mirror) - AND they do fit... only problem is now I found out it doesn't fit in my medium flaps nicely and it's bothering me.

    So I've looked into the mini pochette and toiletry pouch... it seems Toiletry pouch 15 would be a much better option for what I need it for as it is much much less wide (or deep)
    and I'll probably be able to close the zip after I fit my things in (the cosmetic pouch does not zip properly when packed)

    Mainly I just want to know if TP15 is worth it? Seeing as it's canvas AND it's $325 plus tax... and it's TINY, I just wish I knew I needed that last year...
    I thought the price for PM was justified because it was a seasonal colour and it was EPI leather and very pretty... but for TP15 it's a bit hard..

    So the question is should I just sell the PM to make up for the price?
    I find it may be stupid if I have both as I have other nylon pouches I like to keep cosmetics in and I would never use this Grenade one for it... what should I do?

    ALSO, is the Grenade EPI still available in store? Will I be able to fetch a good price for it if I do end up wanting to sell it?

    Or other options:
    -keep the PM and get a plain leather smaller pouch
    -keep the PM and get the TP15

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  2. I have a cosmetic PM and I've used it daily for years. It has been great - holds a ton of items without looking bulky. I highly recommend it! Mine is getting pretty tattered so lately I've been considering purchasing a Toiletry 15. I'm going to follow this thread and see what others have to say.
  3. I have a Cosmetic PM, Toiletry 15 and a mini-pochette. I would recommend the Toiletry 15 based on your needs. $325 is good price for what you're getting and besides the mini-pochette is $310 so there isn't a big difference in price. The mini-pochette has the cute little gold chain and the canvas is more pliable. The TP 15 is more sturdy and will fit a bit more than the mini-pochette AND it is has a wipeable interior.

    FWIW, I use the TP15 every day. The Cosmetic PM get used in my bigger handbags which I carry most, but when I switch out to my smaller bags similair to the Pochette Metis I'll use the TP15 and Mini-P as they both fit perfectly when sitting upright (vertical).
  4. Cosmetic PM is great because I have used my mom's monogram one and it does its job! It's just annoying that it doesn't exactly fit the medium flap... would you get TP 15 new or preloved? I wish I could get preloved but I feel so grossed out by what others would have used it for... wonder if I could sanitize it with wipes since it's not leather haha

  5. Wow thank you so much for the info! Perhaps I SHOULD get it while it's still $325...
    I don't have a use for the chain so perhaps TP15 is better, also I prefer a sturdier one! :biggrin:

    May I ask what you use your Cosmetic PM for? Do you actually carry cosmetics or just bits and bobs too?
  6. I use my Cosmetic Pouch for cosmetics :smile: The TP15 is a catch all for the bits and bobs ;). I like the looks of the mini-p, but I must admit for me the chain is useless and I've found it to be a bit of an annoyance when I used it in my bigger bags.

    Side story: When I was looking at the TP15 a woman was at the counter with an SA. She pulled out her TP15 and it was STUFFED. I asked her if she was happy with the piece and she said that she loved it and that she'd had it for 11 years. I kid you looked just as good as the new one I held in my hand. I purchased the TP15 that day.
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  7. Okay, then I may not have use for my PM anymore (as I have other pouches for cosmetics) - will probably sell it!

    AND you have swayed me! I feel I need the TP15 now :P:P
    Has yours been wearing beautifully too?
  8. I only bought preloved a few times and wound up selling all those items. I would personally buy the TP new!
  9. Can I ask you...does TP 15 fit less or the same as Cosmetic PM?
  10. What were the reasons you ended up letting them go? Personally I just find preloved a bit icky and I'm a bit of a germophobe....
  11. Yes it is. I've only had it for a few months, but I've used it each and every day since getting it back in November. As I stated, I normally carry bigger bags (I'm a hobo girl) so it gets tossed into my handbag with a bunch of other stuff (ZCW, Cosmetic PM, Eyeglass case, and sometimes water bottle) It is great. I keep hand wipes in my bag and would keep them in a side pocket of my bag until I one day I reach into my bag and felt something wet. After that accident I now keep the hand wipes in my TP so I have no worries.
  12. Yes it does fit less than the Cosmetic PM. You can still get a lot in the TP15, but when I tried using it as a cosmetic pouch for my smaller handbags I noticed it wasn't long enough to hold my lip/eye liner unless I was willing to cut them down shorter. I also found the cosmetic pouch a better fit for my favorite hand lotion (soap and glory hand food). The hand lotion fits into TP15, but it took up too much space along with my other items. With the Cosmetic, the lotion sits nicely on top of my items and doesn't warp the zipper.
  13. That's very reassuring! I'm definitely going to drop by to see how my things fit!
  14. Thank you so much :smile:
  15. You're welcome