Should I keep Chanel O Casino Case in PINK

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  1. I really want this in black but they only had the pink available!! Am trying to post a pic however it's not letting me!!

    Do any of you have An SLG in pink lambskin and has it held up great??

    Should I return it and get black o case instead?

    Thank you
  2. I love pink but if you REALLY want black I'd wait for black :smile:
  3. You want noir wait for it
  4. If you really want black then don't settle for pink. I have a fuchsia pink lambskin wallet and it does show some mild wear. I'm not one to baby my things and with SLGs they get banged around in your bags. I've actually stopped using it because I don't want it to wear out even more.
  5. I'd keep it unless you know you can get a black one. I have been trying to chase one down for weeks! They aren't easy to come by!
  6. Thank you for your reply I think I will get a black o case which I will be less paranoid... lol
  7. I know they are all sold out and its such a cute case.. Its small too so it fits in my WOC with charms hanging on the side. I think am returning it for something I won't be afraid to use.. thank you for your reply :smile:
  8. Your so right, SLG's even black can start to show wear just running around inside our bags.. just the other day I noticed my black caviar wallet looking a little worn and its not even a year old??? I baby my Chanels and it was so sad to see that the corners look a little dry!!! I may have to put it to rest for a while too... Have a beautiful day
  9. I know thank you :smile:
  10. +1
    Good luck!!
  11. Don't settle if you want the black. The pink is cute, but I feel it would get easily dirty.
  12. i am using mine today... red was my second choice b/c black was so hard to locate (perhaps even sold out). but, i have two red flaps, so it at least matches them and that is why i was ok with my second choice color. i would keep/buy pink if you have something else of that color in your collection to pair it with. if you don't have any other pink items it might just be best to find a black, if you even can!

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  13. Thats a pretty red... I don't have any pop of color in my Chanel collection at the moment. My only other color besides black is my Beige Jumbo.. I feel safer with black bc it shows less wear and tear. Thank you for your reply :smile:
  14. The charms are adorable, what would you mostly use this case for?