Should I keep Chanel Green Tweed Classic Bag

  1. Hi all,

    I purchased this CC green tweed classic bag from NM marcus 2 months ago & I have not used it. It's very cute & difference. This is first green bag & tweed that I ever purchased. I'm thinking the new patent classic flap bag in beige or a Luxury one instead.

  2. That is a beautiful tweed bag - love the color, but to be honest I think you would get more use from the classic or luxury lines.
  3. Michele
    I originally ordered a green tweed jacket matching to the purse but then I canceled. Chanel makes so many beautifuls stuffs that you want to own. I'm afraid I might get few use of this bag then it's a waste. I'm going to NM to check out their Luxury line. Will keep post the decision. Thanks.
  4. go check out the other bags and make ur decision then. good luck! the tweed is quite gorgeus tho :smile:
  5. I love the tweed, but I'm really not feeling the dark green color.
  6. i'd get a classic or the luxury line if i were you :smile:
  7. I agree with the others that you'll get more use out of another bag. You've already had it 2 monthes and haven't used it after all. Its a cute color, but because its tweed I think you wouldn't really use it except in spring, it seems too bright for fall and winter and too heavy for summer.
  8. ahhhh
    it's really nice
    love the coloure it's so much was it?
    but u should go with the leather flap...u'll get more use of it..
  9. Lux Line would be my choice or re-issue if you don't have one yet. While the tweed one is lovely, you probably would get limited use out of it.
  10. I wouldnt just because I'm more of a classic person.
  11. It's a gorgeous bag. The color is beautiful. But, I don't think it's very practical. I think you'd get a lot more use from a regular leather classic flap bag or something from the luxury line :biggrin:
  12. Thank you all for your advice.

    Just got back from NM. I have returned the green tweed bag since I have no occasions for it. I paid $1795 + tax for it. I walked out with a medium caviar pink classic 2.55 with silver link. I luv it & saved $250+!!! I have a reissue in black already so I did not want to go with Luxury line. I'll post picture when I get a chance.

    BTW, NM a private one nite sale event was over & the CHANEL bags included at 30%. I missed it. However only two line on sales: the old line cambons mostly pink & another older collection.
  13. Wow, congrats - that is awesome
  14. congrrrrrats...
    pics please ...:smile: