Should I keep a Cucciolo Vacanze?

  1. Today I picked up a Cucciolo Vacanze because I thought it might make a good travel bag or an all day bag. I like that it has a messenger strap, and it's an easy bag to sling over a stroller, plus the organization works well for me. However, now that my daughter is 3 1/2, it's really too big as an every day bag for me. I packed it up, and then packed the exact same stuff in the Transporto Avventura that I got a few days ago as a travel bag. The Avventura fits more, but the Cucciolo gives me the messenger strap option and seems like it may be more comfortable to carry when packed full.

    Should I keep the Cucciolo, even though the print is seasonal and I already have a travel bag (the Avventura) that fits more? What do you think?
  2. Keep it. Vacanze prints are still low priced at the moment compared to other colorful prints so you might regret selling it plus you'd never know when the need to carry x-body arises ;)
  3. post on eBay.
    the style is colorful, and is no use to you
    besides the print is out of season for about 3 out of four.
  4. I say keep it. You can never have too many tokidoki bags. :biggrin:
  5. Keep it!! Vacanze is lovely (one of my favorite prints) & like lamb said ^^ you can never have too many toki bags. :yes: