Should I just redye this?

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  1. Hi ladies! I posted earlier about a well loved purse that I bought that I'm wanted to restore. I've received several advice not to redye and just to try and condition.
    It has finally arrived and I started working on trying to restore it with leather honey, feibings edge kote and zelikovitz acrylic coat on the corners

    This was how it looked when it arrived:

    After several coats of leather honey, this is how it looks now:
  2. I don't know what to do with the handles though coz the leather is cracked and might need some fillers? And the cords are really frayed

    And this corner I can't seem to condition enough to get rid of the dryness regardless how much leather honey i've used

    My question is, should I just abort this project and have a leather specialist do an over haul ( put fillers on the cracked areas, re-dye and put new cords) much like what TPFer kerryisintreal did for her city in her post.

    I just worry that re-dyeing might reduce or completely remove the softness of the leather.

    To those who have had experiences with restoring and re-dyeing bals, what would be your recommendations? Should I just re-dye?

    Thank you so much in advance!!'
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  4. Well, you should read through the maintenance thread. There are tonnes of useful info ;)


  5. Thanks for your advice peacebabe!🏼