Should I just Pay to Get My Items Shipped??

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  1. I won two auctions and the seller has not sent me a total invoice that combines shipping. It has been a week since I won the auction.

    Should I just Paypal her the amount owed?? It's easy to combine shipping myself (6.95 on the first item, additional 2 per item). I've been browsing Paypal and I can change the shipping cost right?

    Also, Paypal only shows one item I won on Ebay, not two. I keep on refreshing the page but it just shows one item. I have checked both listings and are positive that the seller accepts Paypal on both items. What can I do?

    Doing it on Ebay does not allow me to change the shipping cost.

    Would I still be protected if there is no invoice??

    Thanks in advance!
  2. just go to the auction page and the link to pay through paypal should be there on both. i would personally pay the full value on both auctions, and then send the seller a message through ebay asking them to refund in paypal the difference for combined shipping. this is how i've done it with buyers as well.

    i don't think you should wait 7 days to pay because at some point the seller can report you as a non-paying bidder.

    good luck!
  3. On the ebay payment page it gives you the option to request an invoice from the seller. Have you done that? That's what I always do when a seller combines shipping.
  4. If it was two items from the same seller they should both automatically show up when you pay. If they have the shipping discount set up IN eBay then they shouldn't even have to send an adjusted invoice. Is the second item still showing in your MyeBay? If not, any chance it was cancelled by eBay?