Should I just give up on looking for a REAL Fendi Spy on Ebay???

  1. I Love to shop on Ebay!!! I have purchased many things on ebay and I have yet to really be dissapointed. The one bad experience I had was buying one of those large Gucci Horsebit bags last year from someone who said it was authentic (don't they all say that) and even though the bag was really nice, I know it was not a real Gucci. I own a real Gucci bag that I purchased at a Gucci store and the quality hands down is absolute perfection! Anyhow, like most of you, I LOVE the Fendi Spy bags but there is no way that I will ever be able to spend that kind of money on a purse. We all know what the REAL Spy bags retail for. Of course I have been scouting ebay for a while now and I see so many really nice looking dark brown spy bags (which is the color of my choice) but can't believe that they could be real at prices like $200.00-$500.00. Are there ANY Authentic Genuine Fendi Spy bags on ebay and if so, how do you know?? Looking at pictures sometimes makes it hard to tell. I want one so bad and those prices are so appealing but I don't like to carry bags that other people KNOW are fake. The idea of replicas don't bother me if they are made well and no one but me can tell but there is nothing more embarassing than walking around with a designer handbag and people know isn't real. Am I just at a loss?? Does anyone know how to spot the real ones on ebay if there even are any??
  2. Your best bet is to find a few you think could be real and post them in our Authenticate This! sticky, from there people can help you spot the reasons they're fake or authentic.
  3. No. None of the regular medium Fendi Spy bags between 200-1000 are authentic. I can say that unequivocably without ever even looking at a single pic. The lowest I've seen one start at is 1200, and it ended at 1500. That isn't to say that all Spy bags 1500+ are authentic. I've seen fake Spy bag sellers mark up their bags, and people fall for that!

    Actually, once you've seen a few real ones, it's very, very easy to tell which ones are fake and which ones are authentic. Just don't think that you're going to find some amazing deal that everyone else overlooked - I mean, I hear that all the time and it breaks my heart to have to tell people that they've spent $$$ on a fake.
  4. check out some MPRS, i have seen some real spys there. good luck! :biggrin:
  5. Hmm...wait a minute...are you saying you DON'T mind carrying a fake as long as it's well-made? I'm afraid this can't belong here in this forum,correct me if Im wrong everybody? :rolleyes:
  6. ^^^ I think this forum is for people that love bags... it never stated authentic or fake technically.

    This is the thing w/ well made replicas... they cost just a few hundred less than the real deal to the point that it's better to just get the real thing. And ebay can be a few hundreds less than retail for a real one.

    IF you got a fake, you'll be so self conscious about if anyone can tell if it's a fake. Plus would anyone even tell you they thought your bag was fake? NO, 99% people wouldn't... so the whole idea of knowing that only you know it's fake is a head trip. There will never be a fake bag that I could carry that ONLY I would know it's fake --- someone will know.. It would only be embarrassing to myself because I know I was purposely carrying a fake around the public so the public could think it's real. :wtf:

  7. If I knew a bag was fake and I tried to perpetrate that it was real (well made or not) I would constantly wondering if people were staring at my bag because it's fake or because they want one. You can find one on ebay which is a good deal, but it may be more than you want to pay. 1200 dollars for a spy is a pretty good deal since it's an over 2000 dollar bag. I never expect to get a real bag for 250 when it retails for 2000. That's a tell tale sign it's not real.