Should I just give up all hope now?

  1. So...surfing the forum today at work, I've completely fallen in love with the black reissue with gold hardware :love::love::love: - the original, not black metallic. I know the black metallic is a color coming out in 2008, but doesn't seem like the original black is. Is it completely pointless to look for the original black reissue now? Where do I even start? eBay is selling 5-6 black metallics, but no regular black :push:. Any ideas would be greatly, greatly appreciated. :sweatdrop:
  2. You know I heard somewhere that they were bringing back the black gold chain. I know they did in 2007 (a few were released). I don't know if it's the boutiques or the department stores that ordered them.
  3. i would be deliriously overjoyed if they did bring it back. maybe they still have some somewhere of the 2007? one can hope. what's the best route to check?
  4. The only black with gold reissues I see are in my dreams.............
  5. I had the chance to purchased mine in July 2007 and had sold out since Aug. or so. Perhaps eBay??, Good luck I'm sure someday you'll find it.:yes:
  6. you just need some luck with eBay! it appears occasionally. i remember there was one sold recently, think you might have missed it. be patient! look at my signature! ;) i got some crazy luck in july when i got it at the boutique without having to waitlist last year!
  7. don't give up! ~ i purchased 2 bags that were "sold out" ~ 1 in Chanel Madrid & the other in NM USA ~ have you asked any of the boutiques/stores to try & trace one for you? ~ UK stores will work with Europe stores to try & help you ~ good luck :flowers:
  8. never give up! Its great fun tracking down our fave most wanted bags, so I am sure its out there for you somewhere :smile:
  9. Have you called the Chanel 1-800 number? I'd start there. You can tell them what you are looking for, and they can tell you who ordered it and you can begin your search with those stores. You can always leave your name and number, and there are so many great SA's that will keep you in mind should they get a return. I've had tremendous luck finding out at least where NOT to call, and that does help! Good luck!
  10. Aww, don't give up hope in your search! :smile: I think it would be more difficult to track down the original anniversary reissue, but perhaps the surprise reissues that were released for 07A might be easier to find. :smile: I was lucky enough to snag a black 227 anni reissue recently (not through a dept. store or ebay), so it can happen!! :heart:

    I would check ebay often, and definitely have a rep at the 800 number do a search... if anything comes up that way, they will let you know! Try every dept. store that carries Chanel by having an SA at Saks, NM, Bloomies, etc. do a search for you. Good luck! :tup: :heart: If all else fails though, the metallic black reissue with the new gold chain is very pretty. ;)
  11. okay you guys have given me renewed hope :smile: at the risk of sounding like a total newbie, what's the difference aesthetically between the black anniversary reissue and the regular black one released in 2007?
  12. ^ No real outward difference, since both are the same gorgeous distressed lamb with the antiqued gold chain. :heart: However, on the inside flap, the '05 Anniversary Reissue has a special marking commemorating the 50th anniversary of the reissue design, which is pretty cool (I feel like I own a piece of history of my favorite brand! :nuts:), whereas the unexpected '07A reissue batch doesn't have that special marking on the inner flap. :smile:
  13. would the new 2008 black metallic reissues come with gold hardware?