Should I jump on a pre-loved iridescent boy rbhw or wait for Chanel end of year '16/'17 season?

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  1. Ladies I'm in a big big dilemma. Maybe some of the TPFers might know I've been hunting for a medium (old/new size) iridescent boy bronze forawhile and also authenticating 1 bag which I thought was selling at an affordable pricing but due to too many superfakes, I do not wanna spend alotta money on an inauthentic beauty bag.

    But I want it bad.

    What would you ladies suggest? Jump the wagon and buy? Or wait for something more amazing from Chanel end of this year?..

    All thoughts and suggestions are welcomed.
  2. Get it authenticated and buy it! That's what I would do. You never know what a new collection will bring, and you know you really want this one!
  3. We're in the same boat. I always wanted 16C old medium boy, either the green or purple.. Found a few new/pre-loved ones with a crazy prize.. I'm still contemplating about it.. I want to get it since I like it and i'll never know if I'm gonna like the new collection, but at the same time thinking that I can get 2 chanel bags with that crazy prize making me stop from click on the purchase button.. decision.. decision.. :confused1:
  4. Not to be an enabler, but if you truly love it and can afford it, buy it! You never know what's going to be released in the future and whether you will feel the same way or whether the quality will be what you expect etc etc. Your heart wants what it wants!!!
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  5. If you've been hunting it for a while, do buy it. Especially if it's in excellent condition and you can save a significant amount vs buying new.
    You can authenticate it here, if I'm not mistaken they do provide email authentication of Chanel bags from the 15 millions series and beyond:
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  6. Hi @snowbrdgrl :wave:
    That's exactly what I'm thinking.. I'm not buying Chanel bag every season; only when I like something. So, if I had 2 chanel bags with that price but I'm not happy with that 2 bags... that doesn't make sense either. (ehem.. trying to justify buying the 16C to myself ;))
  7. I totally agree with you Salina good luck! Better to buy what you absolutely love. No regrets. I've paid over retail on Chanel before but absolutely have not regretted it since I loved the pieces.
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  8. Unfortunately all the 16C either new or preloved bags are selling at crazy price by resellers/consignment stores :-s
    Do you know how long will authenticate4u take to respond to authentication request? I sent them the paypal receipt together with pictures like 3 days ago and I didn't hear anything from them yet. Thanks! :smile:
  9. Good to know that! :flowers: Please update me with your experience buying mini from macy_intl. I definitely will go and buy the bag after your transaction went smoothly :biggrin: Thanks!
  10. Good to know that! :flowers: Please update me with your experience buying mini from macy_intl. I definitely will go and buy the bag after your transaction went smoothly :biggrin: Thanks!
  11. I sure will but won't get it until next Friday when I cross border to pick it up
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  12. I have no idea, unfortunately. Never requested an authentication from them before. They have a Facebook page, maybe you can reach out to them on there and ask for an update?
    I hope you get to purchase the bag and I'm looking forward to a reveal here :smile:
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  13. Thanks for your suggestion. I reached them on their fb page, gave the details and waiting for the reply. Will do! :smile:
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  14. You answered your own question at the beginning of this thread. You clearly need it in your life, I say go for it 100%. Nothing else can replace it in the future.

    However; I would like to elaborate on your superfake thought and this isn't meant to scare you or anything. I consider myself to be very meticulous with details as I am an art person and I recently saw the scariest fake version of this bag on Youtube. I was casually browsing review videos of Chanel Boy bags (I too am lusting over the same exact bag you are) and I came across this one review of the iridescent boy bag. Half way through the video, I realized the woman presenting the bag was trying to sell it and that it was a replica. Let me tell you, everything on this bag was 100% accurate in accordance to the authentic one. I was shocked beyond belief at how good it was and it's scary. Let's just say I reported the video and took it as a lesson learned to always ALWAYS authenticate no matter what. There is a reason why people here won't authenticate certain newer bags and I've seen it first hand for myself. I won't link to the video here, since I refuse to promote counterfeit goods, it's just a warning to you to be cautious especially with the boy bags since you mentioned it.
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  15. wait... always something better is coming