should i invest in Mirror?

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  1. should i invest in Mirror? i really love shinny stuff, but how will the mirror hold it's value when the metalic trend fades out? Already got the Gold pochette for personal use, and perhaps silver pochette/speedy, gold papillon as investment?:confused1:
  2. Only buy it if you like it and will use it. No one knows how it will hold it's value.
  3. Rai made an excellent fear with that bag is that you may not like it next is flashy and not for the timid so resale will only be to a small segment of the LV market also if metalic is out they so is the bag...great for this season but, who knows after it but, opted to not buy it for those reasons...good luck...I think I am going to get something in vernis eventually perhaps in the new red this Feb....more classic and less trendy..get what you love!!!
  4. Yes, buy it if you want it... metallic is always usually pretty "in" now.
  5. I agree with LVPug. What if you buy it and the value doesn't uphold as axpected? For example, for those who likes the Trompe L'oeil line really loves them, but it is not the majority, and it didn't uphold its value like the cerises or the CB did. Just think about it. If you really like it and don't mind keeping it if it doesn't sell then buy it, but if you don't love it and will only buy to resell, think about the risk involve.
  6. thanks for the advice everyone! I was saving up for Chanel Cabas in vinyl black, but decide it's too hoboie for me, that's why i have the money to buy Mirrors(pay off monthly, it's spoky how my friends welcome Jan. of each year w/huge debt from x-mas!). When i mention the resale value, i don't mean of buy low sell high type of thing, but just in case i outgrow the line. i know Ltd lines are either hate or love-at least for me, Pandas have been on Ebay forever!(i love panda too)
    Now i think of it, i will actually enjoy something that no one have, i always get compliments from hand me down Gucci vintage tote :smile:. I think the term:there's no ugly women but lazy women applies to my handbags: there's no ugly bag, but rather how to bring out the strength of it.
    Going to pick up Gold papillon, and silver pochette too-just called few min ago and they have it available to pick up! Among the three, i will only keep one pochette, b/c i don't c the point of keeping so many when others are still wanting it.
    got some great pix for gold pochette, was about to post, but the memory card is not i had to delete tonight and re take the pix :smile:

  7. Pick it up if you like it, lucky you! You can always decide later. As for future value, you can never tell .