Should i invest in a My First Chanel Bag

  1. hihi peeps

    i feel like rewarding myself with my very first chanel bag, but to be honest.. i am from the little league, and so have never blown that kind of money on a bag (despite the grand nick.. :p okay, make in duchess-in-training and not by birth.. hahaha..)i prefer to spend my own money anyway..

    hence i am a little apprehensive. I have only bought LV, Prada and MiuMiu before. To me the ultimate classic bag to have is the Chanel 2.55

    Can anyone suggest to me which one pls? I am thinking a small-medium size one with lambskin in black. Does anyone have pictures to share.

    How much will it cost roughly?

    My friend is in Paris; i am most likely gg to ask her to get one for me.

    Is it true that after tax rebate, it will be around 20 percent cheaper?

  2. it'll probably be at around 15% cheaper (VAT is 13% if i remember correctly), considering the prices are gonna increase next month. anyway, since your friend is in paris, get her to buy it for you! i'm gonna ask my friend in europe to do just the same thing, but he's a guy.. so i don't know if he knows anything!

    anyway, good luck! get a classic flap now before the price increase! it's gonna be a keeper for sure!

    you could open yourself up to more options - a caviar black with silver h/w or lambskin with gold h/w, medium sizes would be just right for day to night. jumbo size for everyday use whereas the small sizes are fun cute bags that IMHO, wouldn't fit much at all so i regard them as evening bags.

  3. If you have LV, Prada and MiuMiu then I think you are more than ready for Chanel. :smile:

    I think your choice of a small or medium in black lambskin is terrific -- I'd pick the medium size over the small.

    Medium in lambskin is currently $2150. Small in lambskin is currently $1950.

    Are you from the US? The sinking dollar is not helping anything. I believe the VAT from Paris is 13% -- I think you'd probably save around 10%-15% if you get a bag from there.
  4. I have a silly question. Is 2.55 the classic flap or a reissue style? (Though really you can't go wrong with either one, I know.)
  5. Good point, I assumed she meant the classic flap but I know lately 2.55 means reissue... the prices I listed were for the classic flaps.
  6. wow its really expensive

    if i throw in another $1500, i can get a Cartier Tank Solo

    but still very tempting...

    let me think.. let me think

    thanks for your input anyway..:smile:

    but still the medium one won't be big enough for my needs right? Just to give u an idea of what kind of bag size girl i am .. LOL.. is there such a word..

    i have the Neverfullmedium, speedy30, miumiu bow satchel, prada cervo hobo etc.

    but then the small 2.55 seems really too small, and the jumbo one is just too big to use for evenings.

    sigh, what a dilemma.

    i prefer lambskin to calf leather or what you girls call caviar.. lambskin is so much softer.. but it seems less durable though. I have seen secondhand ones that look ..erm.. so used.
  7. yeah tell me about it - i swapped my med for a jumbo, and although i can fit everything into my jumbo - i miss the large! i'm stuck in limbo for the second time... but i think i'll keep the jumbo
  8. Yes, it is expensive but -- it's only going to get more expensive. Prices for the classic flaps are going up November 1 by several hundred dollars. If you want a Chanel, now is better than later when prices will be even higher!
  9. ahHHHH!!!! i am so tempted

  10. if i were you, i'd choose to invest in a medium lambskin classic flap in neutral colours as my first chanel piece.
  11. i personally think nothing beats a classic cream flap, if i can only get one chanel.

    but then a black one is always so much more practical

    thanks so much for your input ladies
  12. ^ duchess: you are SO RIGHT. i have a medium caviar classic flap in cream and to date, it's my fave flap bag! xoxo
  13. i went to my local Chanel boutique today.

    the SA told me that the sizes are named either Small, Large or Jumbo.

    is that right?

    so when i speak of medium, it is actually the Large? around 10.5inches in length.

    the SA was really nice, cf some boutique SAs who could be real snooty

    she told me about the history of the bag, and she patiently let me try putting my things into each size. and i didn't buy anything in the end because i really couldn't decide.

    the small is cute and ladylike.

    but the medium or rather medium (pls correct me if i am wrong) is more functional. Having said that, i couldn't really fit all my things inside; how do you girls do it?

    I put my LV french purse, my cellphone, my prada namecard holder in.. and there's hardly any space left.. i can't survive the day without a small makeup pouch..:hysteric:

    i see myself lugging along a small shoe bag cos i have have have to go for yoga before work.. and in it, i will pack my makeup bag.

    but doesn't that kinda spoil the look. Me with my cute little flap bag in a pencil skirt and a chic white little blouse, and trying to hide my shoe bag behind my saddlebags.

  14. btw... i asked the SA about the price increase.. she said its only for the watches. ;)
    they haven't received word from Paris about price increases for the classic flaps.
  15. Good because I'm really eyeing the white jumbo right about now but I'm on a bag ban. :sad: