should I, I don't like gold??

  1. Hello,

    My SA called me to tell me there is a 35 birkin black epsom with gold hardware available.

    I was on a list for the black togo with palladium hardware.

    What should I do because I never wear gold...

  2. I think the color of your rings and bracelets makes a BIG difference in which color hardware one should get. I tried a Kelly with PHW in Nov and it just looked all wrong with my chunky gold bracelet and rings. For me, it's GHW all the way, as the only time I wear something else, is when I've VERY dressed up wearing platinum and diamonds. I might wear a small clutch with PHW then.
  3. If you don't like should wait for PH :yes: !!!
  4. I think you should wait too. I never wear my yellow gold jewelry with PH hardware, and white gold jewelry with Gold HW.
  5. It's a shame the search function is down because there are actually several tPF H threads about PH vs GH, and whether people mix their jewellery and hardware.

    Basically, lots of people DO mix; lots of people DON'T.

    I struggled with this myself because the hardware on all of my bags is gold - but my husband just bought me a beautiful GM chaine d'ancre necklace in silver. My personal reality? I can't rebuy bags with PH to match my necklace, and I love my necklace - so I am mixing!

    It is a big decision, and if this is the bag you will wear every day, it could really become an issue. Go to the boutique and try it out, at least. But it's definitely ok to take a pass (you may also realize you don't like epsom leather, or that you LOVE the combination).
  6. Voila! I called and I cancelled my visit...

    I am ambarassed because the SA proposed 2 birkin 35 in 1 week but each time with gold hardware...

    I hope she will keep me on the list:wtf:
  7. Oh piaff i didn't read your thread before I replied my last one...

    Well a birkin 35 black in so hard to get, It's why I am really confused...My friend told me not to settle for less that I am excepting , plus considering the price!

    However, originally, Hermes bags came with gold, so it is a classic I could appreciate later...

    I don't have a big issue with the epsom, eventhough that leather is less popular among hermes fan because I would like my bag to keep its shape forever...

    Plus I am moving in mexico in several months and will be only able to wear the bag occassionaly (for security reason)

    Perhaps, I'll pass by the store tomorrow but I din't want my SA to have too high expectations...
  8. Go in and see if you love it. You should be so polite and at least look at the bag PLUS I remember a member here bought the same bag (in 30), she had the same issue as you and ended up LOVING it.
    If you love it, easy and if you don't, you don't.
  9. If you don't like GHW, you will regret taking it.

    I made a huge mistake a year ago, when I wanted to get a 35 Birkin in Gris Tourterelle. I wanted PHW, but took the GHW when it was offered to me.. Well, I've only used it once and I always feel bad when I see it in my closet. In the end I had to get another one in PHW, which I really adore.

    I learned to always trust my first instinct...:nogood:
  10. Yes i think i am better to wait for the real deal....

    Thank you all:tup:
  11. You did the right thing by waiting. You might love it, but you would still be wanting palladium. Get palladium first and then you can build from there.
  12. I thought I did like gold, but when my SA found the bag I thought I wanted (Kelly, chocolate, togo, GHW), I couldn't imagine even walking across the street with it.
    It was too much 'Madame', at least on me.
    I don't think the SA get's annoyed with you though. Why should she?
    I would go and look at the bag. It's not only polite, but sometimes things are very different in real life. Good luck, whatever you decide on.
  13. No. You shouldn't. Wait for your PH otherwise you'll just really regret it.

    Someone people are really picky when it come to hardware. I'm one of those, so I understand. Be patient. You'll get your dream bag soon! Cheers!
  14. Thank you grande latte, that comforts me a lot because I never but never wear gold and i was about to give in to temptation and later....regret it!!!!:sweatdrop:
  15. I do agree not to settle! But how far is the store away from you? You should at least see it, to keep the relationship with your sa warm. Bring some chocolates or eats for her. :smile: