Should I hold out for a Sophie?

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  1. I'm really jonesing bad for a signature tote with gold trim. Being in Canada I don't have many options, mostly Ebay. I was going to bid on this tote


    But now I'm really liking the Sophie! I have no idea when it came out, whether it's in the outlets and therefore making more of an appearance on Ebay? There's one up for auction now. Even if it is authentic, the seller doesn't ship to Canada.

    For those that have either or both, any pros or cons to either bag?
  2. You could order a Sophie directly from JAX....i live in canada too and called to see if they ship here (yes) ...
  3. I've been eying the Sophie too and was thinking of buying a signature one with the PCE card. Do you know if these are in stores right now?

    What is the shipping charge? Is it reasonable?
  4. What is the shipping charge? Is it reasonable?[/quote]

    I totally forgot to ask but heres the number:

    1 888 262 6224

    If you get a chance to call, let me know what they say :tup:
  5. Thanks ladies! :smile: sushisushi, did you get the PCE card from a store here? Did you have a hard time getting signed up? I was asked to get on their maling list but not sure if it's the same?
  6. The Sophie is still in stores, I was walking around my boutique with it last night!
  7. I think I must've gotten it from the store in the Eaton Centre as that is usually where I shop, other than outlets in the States. I got my first PCE about a year ago and have received every one since then.
  8. The signature Sophie is really a great bag. It easily converts from a cross-body to shoulder style and is also very light weight and comfortable to wear either way. My mom loved her denim Sophie (with dark blue patent leather trim) so much that she purchased one in the khaki/camel color combination. I also purchased one in the patent leather trim with the black/white color combination. I was going to purchase one in the khaki/gold color combination as well but I figured that I could just borrow my mom's khaki/camel Sophie instead :P
  9. I was at the boutique a few days ago and tried on a metallic sophie. I love it, its sooo lightweight and purdy!
  10. I'd hold out for sophie :]