Should I have said something?

  1. I was at Nordstrom Rack yesterday trying on shoes & I came across Coach black scarf print snow boots....well I was looking at them closely & they looked off to me. THEY WERE FAKE!! They were made by some weird company :wtf: I wanted to tell a SA soo badly but my friend kept telling me no don't get into it. But now I feel bad b/c what if someone buys them thinking they are authentic. I mean I would have never guessed that dept. store sometimes get switched auth. w/ fakes. I have heard stores but haven't actually seen it for myself. Do you think I should call them or go back & say something if they are still there?
  2. Were they priced as Coach? I've seen 'fake' stuff at TJ Maxx but it's been priced accordingly. If there was definately another 'brand' name on it (cool shoes or something instead of Coach), I would have said something. I think what usually happens is someone buys the authentic ones and returns the fakes. :sad: People are crazy!
  3. Thats awful!
  4. i would have said something, for sure. but how on earth do people not notice things like that?
    i would call or go back. i mean, would YOU want a pair of fakes when you shelled out the money cause you thought you were buying auth? of course not. be nice and save someone the money and let the store know they're fake.
    this is...disturbing...i always thought Nordies would catch stuff like that...
  5. I would have said something, as I just love to embarrass my family all the time, I did really bad this summer on vaction we went into a store that sold knockoff's :wtf: and I was having a big fit:cursing: , My husband had to drag me out and me teenager was so red. :shame: They just don't get it!!
  6. I would have looked at them VERY closely to make sure they were actaully Coach brand and fake. Then i would of told an SA. I had a similar experience to reddianasaur on my cruise where i spotted fakes in one store and told the workers they were fake, when they claimed they were authentic so they wouldn't loose business.
  7. I would have said something since it was the Rack....because they should be selling AUTHENTIC....Nordstroms sells coach for gods sake... Probably would NOT have said something if it was TJmaxx, Marshalls, Ross, or Loehmans.
  8. That is just awful that we are now going to have to be suspicious of major retailers! You simply cannot trust anyone now!
  9. Yeah they were priced as Coach well close to $200.00. I agree I think someone bought the authentic ones & returned the fakes. Just terrible. But NR was well stocked w/ lots & lots of Coach. Ladybug straw tote, orange & lilac signature demis, purple suede big C tote (only one Gorgeous!). Shoes were great too. I was surprised as they don't usually carry much coach.
  10. They look exactly like these but w/ another companys name. Does Coach have some of there boots made by another company?
  11. I saw fake Citizen jeans at Nordstrom Rack before. I knew because I had purchased a pair off ebay at to my dismay they turned out to be fakes and since then I have done a lot of research on the brand and looked at TONS of pictures. Right after I put them back on the rack another girl snatched them up in an agressive manner. I kindly informed her they were fake as I wouldnt want to buy fake jeans for nearly $100 instead of thanking me she gave me a mean look and in the b*tchiest way possible said "Nordstrom rack doesnt sell fakes!!!"