Should I have been embarrassed?

  1. Let me start by saying that I never carry my handbag into the building when I drop my little one off to school.

    Well, a couple weeks ago I was dropping my little guy off at his classroom for Pre-K and I carried my Gucci (Medium Pelham) with me because this particular day was the last day to pay for next months hot lunch (private school). While we're waiting in the crowded hall with all the other parents and children a parent walks up to me and starts saying how she likes my bag. I said said thanks. She goes on to loudly talk about how she'd priced this particular bag and how much it costs. She even had the nerve to say how can you afford that and pay this high tuition.

    Needless to say I was mortified!!!

    Should I have been embarrassed?
  2. Oh don't worry about it...she is just envious of you!
    BTW, I don't carry my deigner bags to the kids school either....I don't want these looks from other mothers!!!
  3. The nerve of some people! She clearly liked your bag so much, but went the wrong route about it. Needless to say you shouldnt be embarrassed, she meant it as a compliment - in her own little not so nice way. lol
  4. no, she should've been!
  5. I get tired of people trying to make us feel guilty about what we like and how much of it we like. I'm like you, there are certain places I carry my bags, just because of that, but you have nothing to be embarrassed about.
  6. You shouldn't feel guilty because you own nice things. I've accepted that idea-you kind of have to when people get overly jealous all the time.
  7. SHE should have been embarrassed of herself! That is so tacky of her to say. It's no one's business but your own.
  8. Don't give it much thought - I am sure she didn't when she blurted it out.

    That's why I never take any fancy bags at work too!
  9. yet another parent who will pass their idiotness (yes I know thats not a word) onto their kids. She is just jealous. I would have said something like:

    "I have no problems paying for tuition and my bags, thanks very much"

    THEN she would wonder how much money you made and it would drive her nuts.

    We work hard for our nice things. Carry your bags proudly with your head held high. I do.
  10. Ohhhh. I think it is gauche (sp?) to talk cost about *anything* - unless you're in a store and about to buy something. This is my "hot button" topic (in case you couldn't tell :smile:). She was very, very, very wrong to do that, imo. No excuse - she was rude to put you in that situation.
  11. Let me add to the above that it is different on here if we're interested in purchasing the particular bag ourselves, and we want to know if it's in our price range. If someone just shows a bag and not a link to Saks, or wherever, then it's okay to ask. If it's a link to a store, you can see the price yourself and don't have to ask.

    Just making a distinction here...
  12. No she was the one who was so rude & should be embarrased!
  13. The social faux pas here was entirely in her court. What a tacky, unthinking outburst on her part. Just appalling social ineptitude and lack of discretion. Why are these people breeding?

    OK, I know that was a little harsh but I'm in a mood today!
  14. Exactly! Way too pushy! She could have just quietly said that she liked it! Not "WOW, $$$$$$!"

    People are weird. I guess she had diarrhea of the mouth that day!
  15. Well yes, we can't help but feel embarrassed when someone does or says something in our presence that is so extremely impolite, but the most courteous thing that you can do is not have heard the inappropriate question/remark or seen the vulgar gesture, whatever it was, just maintain eye contact and ask a question or make a comment about a completely unrelated topic.

    Now that spring is upon us, this is really pretty easy to do. Did the cold spell last week impact your roses? We have been very lucky, the Madame Plantier is exploding into a "white cloud of fragrance" just like it says in the book!