Should I have a boob job?

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  1. Hi I am 21 and had a baby 18 months ago and my boobs have shrunk and now I am only a 34 A/B I am vey slim UK size 6/8 and I am really conscious of them as they are soo small. My partner says he does not mind but when I was breastfeeding and a DD he loved them now he is not soo keen. I just dont know what to do? Please advise me?
  2. Look at the Breast augmentation thread already started here..Lots of great advice I got in there!
  3. If you would do them for yourself and to make yourself feel better about them, then I don't see the problem about it! Do you plan on having more children??
  4. This is a big decision that you really need to think over... sit down with your SO and discuss this and think what YOU really want. There is a great thread about this in this section too! :yes:

    Here is the thread
  5. no, not if you plan on ever getting pregnant again. . . they'll just change again, especially at your young age.

    Sure, if you know you won't get pregnant again.

    Please visit the other thread:yes:
  6. Thankyou soo much for showing me this thread guys, really helpful!
  7. Sure.... closing this! Please post in the other thread :yes:
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