Should I Hang on to My Multi-pocket Hobo?

May 13, 2007
Hello All, I bought a Marc Jacobs, black multi-pocket (the large size) at full retail, back in 2004. I used it several times when I first got it, but found it extremely heavy. I bought this bag thinking it would become a classic, but I never see anyone carrying them anymore in my midwestern city. I would have sold it by now on Ebay, but the multi-pockets aren't selling for much at all (even new ones)!! :cursing: I really do not like hanging on to things that I do not use. Do you think I should hang on to it? :confused1: Thanks guys, for your thoughts.:heart:


Feb 7, 2008
good ol' Europe
Hm… I do consider the Multipocket a classic, but that's just me… I never see anyone carrying it, too, but that's a good thing to me.
But if you don't like and use it…
I guess I would hang on to it until prices get better again. You could always put it up on Bonanzle which is free, and decide yourself how much you want for it. Maybe there's someone seeking this exact bag…


Jun 14, 2007
If you think you're going to use it again, or really miss it when it's gone, then keep it.

Otherwise, it's not worth hanging on to. I love the MP, but am trying to offload three small ones as I just don't use them. I'm keeping my large black also - I can't see letting go of that one despite the weight! :P

I do know that large black MP in good condition will go for a bit more than other things. *bay in general is slow right now.
Mar 21, 2007
Personally, I love the mp, although the large is a little too large for me. I have 5 small ones: black, bright blue, ferrari red, oatmeal and gray. I also have my eye on a bordeaux one on the bay/bonanzle :graucho:. For me, it is a go-to bag.


Jan 12, 2007
Personally, I love the mp, although the large is a little too large for me. I have 5 small ones: black, bright blue, ferrari red, oatmeal and gray. I also have my eye on a bordeaux one on the bay/bonanzle :graucho:. For me, it is a go-to bag.
Get it!! Bordeaux is fabulous, I love the MPs, small and large, they're just perfect & so comfy to carry.


Feb 3, 2008
i looooooooooove my large black mp! holds all my stuff and stays on my shoulder even when i'm wearing my big, fat, poofy down jacket!

i agree with jenny that i consider the mp a classic bag (it's undeniably mj!) and i like that it's not all over the place.


Nov 18, 2007
I think the MP's are a classic also. You'll always be able to grab it and not worry it's totally out of style. With that said, if you wanted to sell it you would probably be ok since it is the larger size. Those are more desirable than the smaller IMO.


Sep 9, 2006
if you're not going to use it because you don't love it anymore then sell it. unfortunately, the older season black mp's do not sell for as much as they should on ebay. mj, in general, don't have great resale value, unfortunately.

the large mp is my favorite bag to use. i love them so much, i own four, and i'm not usually one to keep buying the same bag in a plethora of colors. a classic isn't determined by how many people carry it. if anything, i'd love being the only one carrying something different from everyone else. here in nyc, i see at least two or three mp's a week.

good luck with your decision.


Aug 6, 2006
I think it's a classic and I personally would hang onto one if I owned it (I just saw it again in the Devil Wears Prada which renewed my lust for it). I like the fact that you don't see a lot of them around. However, it seems like you do not use it nor do you like it. They might not be selling for much on ebay but it's better to have some money than a bag you don't use.


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Mar 8, 2008
Las Vegas, NV
MP's are totally classics! I will say that classic or not, if it doesn't work for you I would consider selling it...but if you aren't going to get what you want for it, keep and just wear it for short jaunts out...


Sep 2, 2006
United States
i sold mine because i found the strap to be uncomfortable (but MAN i love that bag!). if you don't use it, you are probably better off selling it since you're definitely not making any money from it sitting in your closet ;) at least, that's how i try to look at it!


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Dec 4, 2007
I had a Cherry Blossom Small MP and I also felt that the strap was uncomfortable when I was trying it out at home. I thought the color and the light pink suede lining were lovely so I kept it longer than I should have until I sold it at a loss. I miss it but mostly for sentimental reasons since it was my first MJ. I think the MP is an MJ classic and I see ladies carrying them in Chicago at least a few times a month. Ultimately, if you aren't using it or if you're thinking about selling it, I think it's time to move on and find something you'll really love. Good luck and hope that helps!